A Cole Worl': Davina deserve di crown


August 29, 2017
Shorn Hector/Photographer Miss Universe Jamaica 2017 Davina Bennett

Yuh know that I liked the recently concluded Miss Universe Jamaica 2017 beauty pageant sup'm that ended over the weekend though.

Yes, I was forced to watch it cause my TV stuck pon TVJ and no amount of knocking the back could've changed it.

Anyhow, after tuning into the competition, I was definitely impressed with the young women, especially Davina Bennett, the newly crowned Miss Universe Jamaica.

I believe she is a deserving champion, smaddy who can represent Jamaica well on the international stage. Not to say that everybody else never looked good enuh, cause Jade Kow and at least two other women in the top five could've posed a more serious challenge.

But that's all they did, posed. Davina did it all; she posed, she strutted, she smiled. And even when it became evident that her face was tiring, good gyal grimaced and held strain.

But what I loved most about Bennet was her dedication to the foundation she chaired and her passion and selfless service to others; I believe this was what sealed the deal for the judges.

I mean the interview section of the competition was a given; all top five had beauty and brains, but I especially liked how Davina's own was clicking that night.

Everybody attempted their respective questions but I must honestly say that only Bennett's answer made any sense.

Again I am saying there were at least two other genuine contenders for the crown Saturday night, but after opening their mouths to attempt simply questions, all fell flat.