Weird News


August 30, 2017

The first-ever beer swimming pools have been launched in Austria.

The Schloss Starkenberger brewery in Tarrentz has put together seven 13-foot pools filled with their trademark brew, but taking a dip in the boozy beverage comes at a steep price of PS200 per two hours.

However, believe it or not, the benefits of beer soaking into your skin include having softer skin and can even help cure skin conditions.

Those needing to chill out and relax will be pleased to hear that the hops also work as a calming agent.

A couple realised their home had a bee infestation after they found honey leaking from their ceiling.

The homeowners, who lived in a grade II-listed 18th-century house in Market Harborough, discovered a sticky substance oozing from the walls and out of their light fittings, and when the matter was investigated further, they discovered a huge beehive had been created in their attic.

The pair took the unusual matter to their insurance company Ecclesiastical Insurers, who safely removed the infestation and replaced the destroyed ceiling, the Mirror Online has reported.

Speaking about the discovery, a spokesperson for Ecclesiastical said: "The couple noticed a patch and on closer inspection, they could see that the substance was sticky and coming through the light fixtures.

"They also noticed a lot of bees around the house and at this point sought an expert view."

Helicopter jump-started by car

A helicopter can be jump-started by a car.

James McIntosh, a ski centre owner, has revealed that in 1974 the Bell 47G-5 chopper he had parked in Bellabeg, in the Highlands in Scotland, near a garage, was blocking the road, so he borrowed his father's Rover to get it back up and running after the pistons failed, and within 10 minutes it was up in the air.

He told the Daily Record: "We wheeled the chopper out on to the road and went to fire up the engine and there was nothing.

"It was a piston-driven engine, which can sometimes be difficult to start, especially after being hosed down and cleaned.

"Knowing that the local bus and other folks would be needing pass soon, we had to act quickly.

"As the battery on the helicopter is fairly small a car can jump-start it, so I hijacked my father Gibbie's Rover.

"The road was at a standstill for about 10 minutes while we got the helicopter off the ground.

"There were a few bemused drivers and some of the locals were peering out their doors to watch proceedings.

"It's not every day a helicopter uses the main road through Strathdon as a helipad."