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September 01, 2017
Arianne Zucker plays Nicole Walker in 'Days of Our Lives'.
@Normal:Joshua Morrow stars as Nick Newman in 'The Young And The Restless'.


BEAUTIFUL: Sheila threatened the hotel manager after he asked her to pay her overdue bill. Justin reported to Bill that Spectra's headquarters was destroyed by a fire. Eric didn't believe Quinn's version of what happened with Sheila. Liam and Bill argued over Bill's justification for his actions. Steffy told Ridge that Liam didn't believe the fire at Spectra wasn't accidental. Ridge arrived at Eric's and became the voice of reason between Eric and Quinn. The Spectra gang huddled around Sally waiting for an update on her prognosis.

Liam and Steffy debated on whether they should go to the police with the information they had on Bill. Thomas returned from New York to visit an ailing Sally in the hospital. Caroline confronted Bill about the arson. Without telling her why, Liam queried Brooke about Bill's recent behaviour.

Watch For: A once forbidden couple becomes pawns in an elaborate scheme. Karma strikes a powerful man. A mother uses her influence to ensure the emotional security of her child.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Chad and Abigail, and Sonny and Paul planned a double wedding. John and Marlena tried to find a way out of a predicament. Andre asked for 'Marlena's' help, not knowing that Hattie had assumed her identity. Lucas turned to Chloe after getting a horrible shock. John and Marlena developed an escape plan. Nicole received some alarming news at her custody hearing for Holly.

Rafe and Hope put pressure on Myron. Brady played dirty on Nicole's behalf. Kayla opened up to Valerie about her issues with Steve. JJ and Lani took time out for a little romance. While mending their relationship, Claire helped Theo deal with his frustration with Abe. Gabi found herself in a dangerous situation.

Watch For: Tripp tries to make up for Kayla's predicament. Hope has some tough questions for Bonnie. Theo is jealous.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam opened up to Jason. Ned made a bold move. Felicia learnt a secret about Nelle's past. Nathan and Amy had a close call. Sam and Sonny tried their best to help Jason. Maxie was confused about Nathan and Amy. Carly tested the waters with Josslyn. Nelle was tempted at a photoshoot. Valentin surprised Nina. Ava helped Griffin with a difficult task.

Dante questioned Sonny. Nelle fell under someone's suspicion. Carly refused to rush to judgment. Sam and Liz began to bond. Michael reassured Nelle. Alexis admitted her true feelings. Anna and Finn sought answers from Raymond. Nina defended Valentin. Sam was upset by Franco's arrival.

Watch For: Kristina takes Scout to the park. Ava makes a rash decision. Amy has bad news for Nathan.


RESTLESS: Sharon visited Victor at the ranch to discuss the stress that his feud with Nick was causing Faith. Later, Sharon told Nick that he shouldn't be making Faith take sides. Lauren refused to clear shelf space at her store for Jack's new beauty products. Hilary told Cane that they should team up to destroy Lily and Jordan's budding relationship. Mattie gave Jordan the cold shoulder after he bought her mom flowers.

Cane and Charlie had dinner at the Chancellor mansion. Abby was surprised that Victor also invited Zack to join their meeting. Scott asked his mom to please be more supportive of his feelings for Sharon. Phyllis was convinced that Victoria was making a play for Billy. Marah was reluctant to believe Devon when he said that he was committed to them 100 per cent.

Watch For: Tessa and Zack have difficulty keeping up appearances. Hilary pushes Jordan's buttons. Mariah flirts with danger.