Weird news


September 01, 2017

A robot has been invented to conduct future funeral services in the place of priests.

The bot, called Pepper, was on display at the Life Ending Industry Exposition in Tokyo, Japan the home of technology last Wednesday and is made by the brand Nissei Eco.

It's the company's aim to reduce the costs of funerals, with the average send-off costing anything beyond PS20,000.

The robot would be on offer for just PS350, as opposed to hiring a vicar at around PS1,700.

Funerals with Pepper are yet to be booked, but with robots taking over from sex workers, serving as friends and even working at checkouts, the possibilities are endless.

A woman claims a ghost is leaving handprints on the walls of her home.

Joanne Gallagher from Coatbridge in Scotland couldn't understand where the marks were coming from because when they appeared, her eight-year-old daughter was away on holiday.

She said: "It really freaked me out because they just appeared. On the Friday before Aimee was due home, I was cleaning her room when I noticed them.

"They were behind her door, but I would have noticed them if they had been there the day before because of their prominent position.

"Aimee was in Lanzarote with her father at the time and wasn't due back until the next day."

Joanne claims she has had unusual experiences in the house and is "sensitive to spirits".

And she firmly believes there is the spirit of a young child called Benny haunting the property, as she has learnt a young man hung himself under the stairs.

She told the Mirror Online: "I have had past experiences with spirits. I suppose some people would say I'm sensitive to spirits for example, my grandma and the house does have a general eeriness.

"I've looked into the house and things since then, and my friend told me she knew the family living in the house before I moved in.

"Apparently, their young son he was in his late teens or early 20s hanged himself under the stairs."