Weird News


September 08, 2017

A man has set the new Guinness World Record for the biggest bee beard.

Juan Carlos Noguez Ortiz has smashed the record for the person who dared to sit still for the longest amount of time while a swarm of bees smothered his face to create a long facial hair-looking illusion over his body.

The Canadian male didn't move for nearly eighty minutes while the winged insects covered his face, which saw him gain the title.

Although Juan works at a honeybee farm and is used to being up close and personal with bees it didn't stop him from being stung.

And footage of Juan covered in the insects has taken the world by storm and has gone viral on social media, the video has also been obtained by Metro Online.

A study has discovered that children under 12 years old are better with technology than their parents.

Research conducted by Tech Will Save Us has found that almost 70 per cent of parents have noticed their brood are a lot more tech-savvy and are faster on all of the devices than they are.

Meanwhile, over 30 per cent of those under-12 people can programme and code using Python, JavaScript, SQL or PHP, in comparison to 24 per cent of mothers or fathers who have perfected the skill.

Although children are in the know about a number of topics, parents still worry about how their brood will cope during their first week of school and question whether the youngsters are prepared enough.