Weird News


September 09, 2017

A greedy seagull crept into Greggs and made off with a packet of crisps last week.

The cheeky bird clearly had no fear and knew exactly what he wanted, as he slyly trotted into the bakery store on Kings Street in the centre of South Shields, Newcastle, on September 2, grabbed a bag of salt and vinegar Walkers and legged it out the door.

Gordon Lindsay, who filmed the bird's crime, told the Metro newspaper: "It clearly just saw its opportunity and just went for it. It grabbed a packet of Walkers Salt and Vinegar it seemed clear that he knew what flavour he wanted.

"The staff at the time were filling up the coffee machine and they didn't see him until he was leaving so there wasn't much they could really do. They were quite surprised, and so was I. I just thought it was unbelievably cheeky."

A man was left stunned when he realised sharks had been swimming under his bedroom while he was staying in a water bungalow in Indonesia last month.

Pall Sigurdsson set up an underwater camera underneath his temporary home on Kri Island in Raja Ampat because he was intrigued by the exotic fish hunting for food around his tropical abode, but he couldn't believe his eyes when he watched the footage back and discovered blacktip sharks had been paying him a visit at night.

Posting the clip on YouTube, Sigurdsson said: "Took this video of sharks swimming under my bed. There were blacktip sharks swimming under the bungalows on high tide and I tried catching it on camera."

Blacktip sharks are usually sceptical of humans and will tend to stay away, but they have been known to attack if they feel someone is trying to take their food.

Dogs have been helping scientists eradicate invasive ants in California.

A Labrador named Tobias has spent the past three months training so that he can assist with a project to kill off the destructive insects by running his nose through more than 1.6 square miles of shrubs and small trees searching for nests.

The project was launched in 2009 and, although Tobias has only had a few months training, he didn't find any new ant populations meaning the action plan had work.

Christina Boser, an ecologist with the Nature Conservancy group, said: "The ants are very hard to find. He's good at his job, and he enjoys it a lot."

A 'frantic" man drove his pregnant wife to a police station after she went into labour.

Two officers were forced to become midwives temporarily recently, after a couple rocked up at the station in New Jersey in a panic because they were about to become parents to a little baby girl and didn't know how to handle the birth on their own.

According to a post shared on Facebook, Sgt Kevin Geoghan and Patrolman Pat Kiley turned out to be heroes as they helped deliver the tiny tot at 4:19 p.m.

Despite turning up at the police station rather than the hospital, the mother and newborn appeared to be in good health and were later escorted to the medical centre.