Weird news


September 13, 2017

A man has been given the right to fart in public after being fined €900 for two offences of passing wind back in 2016.

Christoph S was slapped with the hefty fines in 2016, and a Berlin court ruled last week that he was free to trump, despite a female officer reporting him for "insulting" her "honour" when he let one rip in front of her.

The Berliner Zeitung reports that a decision was made by a judge within minutes.

Christoph's legal representative Daniel Werner allegedly argued: "A group leader of the police sees the honour of a colleague injured by a fart is one thing.

"But the fact that the prosecutor's office and the court allow the prosecution is a clear case of official failure."

A schoolgirl is selling lemonade to pay off her friends' lunch debt.

Amiah Van Hill is just six years old, but she had the intuition to set up the stand to make sure her fellow pupils at Hayden Meadows Elementary School in Idaho are eating properly.

She told "Every kid at school needs lunch, so that's my way of helping."

Amiah started off by holding up a 'lemonade 4 lunch' signpost, and managed to make $40, more than enough for youngsters who receive a reduction in their meal price to be debt free.

A company has invented a robot dog which faints when it detects smelly feet.

Hana-chan is the creation of the National Institute of Technology Kitakyushu College, in Kyushu, who have been working on it for more than two years.

The toy dog, which has been made by their sister company NextTechnology, has a special sensor inside its nose, and even sprays air freshener to make the bad pong fresher.

NextTechnology's Kimika Tsuji explained how a father's idea came to life.

He said: "He told us his daughter had said his feet were smelly.

"But he didn't want to know how bad the odour was because he would feel hurt. That's why we developed this cute robot."