September 15, 2017
Patrick Roberts




Entertainment and romance....................20th

Domestic and family matters..................18th

Bargain hunting and shopping.................21st


Sport and outdoor life.......................19th



Sign new contracts, start new ventures.......19th

Avoid new commitments........................20th

Arrange business meetings and interviews.....21st

Note tips and hunches........................2Oth

ARIES (Mar 21 Apr. 20)

The Moon's challenge to your sign is relatively brief. However, if just for once you could truly put yourself in someone else's shoes, you would find that a recent spat was based on nothing more than suspicions and misunderstandings. That's not to say that you were never correct, but being right is not everything. Remember it's good to learn from your mistakes.

TAURUS (Apr. 21 May 21)

Mars moves through your chart making some unusual celestial manoeuvres, giving many of you a second crack of the whip. Perhaps you have abandoned a task which may now be completed. Or there may be a wrong to right. If you are offered a golden opportunity then move fast, for time is limited. Also, spare a helping hand for strangers, as you never know when you might need their assistance.

GEMINI (May 22 June 21)

This is one of those weeks when you just can't have everything your own way.

Sometimes it's wiser to back down or back off for a while, and now that Mercury, planet of good ideas, is so uncertain, you should give yourself extra time for careful thought. Feel free to take some time off and put all-important personal matters on the back burner.

CANCER (June 22 July 23)

The coming months should provide you with just the opportunity you need to put your finances on a more profitable footing, but a spot of belt-tightening may be vital in the meantime. Also, if possible, try to find ways to cut down on all those irritating chores. Family members may need help, so keep your schedule open and respond to last-minute calls for assistance.

LEO (July 24 Aug. 23)

Your greatest quality is your open-hearted sense of fun. If someone has let you down, behaved badly or otherwise caused a fuss, there is no time like the present to make amends. However, thoughts of revenge should be replaced by generosity and a spirit of forgiveness. If you're thinking of taking a risk, particularly an emotional one, you'd better check out the likely consequences.

VIRGO (Aug. 24 Sept. 23)

The planets are certainly busy this week. One of your current problems is having too much on, all at once. On the other hand, there is nothing in your solar chart to suggest that this is not a generally auspicious phase and that family celebrations should not go as planned. As usual, you're primed to enjoy yourself in true Virgoan style.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 Oct. 23)

Your stars are changeable and unwilling to be tied down! You should kick off the week on good form, even though the Moon does tend to make your emotions just the tiniest bit more wobbly than usual. You may save shopping expeditions for midweek and tackle more weighty questions at the end of the week, but keep a close watch on family engagements.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22)

There seem to be so many calls on your time that you may be reaching breaking-point. However, if the financial situation is now easing, as it should be, you can look forward to spending your way to happiness. It's surprising how little it can take to cheer you up. Try to surround yourself with beautiful objects they will be good for your soul.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 Dec. 22)

This is, all-in-all, a positive time, so keep your mind focused on the positive. Perhaps you are still rather hot and bothered about your long-term financial security, but now that the Sun is heading for new sectors, help is at hand. Over the next week you should follow up any odd plans for weird and wacky purchases the more unusual, the better.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 23 Jan. 20)

Nothing stays the same for long as you know. Accept the fact that one cycle in your life has come to an end and another is beginning. If you realise that the past has gone for ever, you will be in an ideal position to benefit to the full from certain friendly and lively developments which are now just around the corner.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 Feb. 19)

It's decision time. It would now seem that you must decide once and for all if a personal project should be pursued to its logical conclusion or abandoned. On no account should you allow other people to pressurise you into making a hasty choice. If they're in a hurry then that is their problem! By the way, mechanical objects may need fixing late in the week.

PISCES (Feb. 20 Mar 20)

Pluto is still very much an ally, even if the passions it stirs up are not always welcome, and it should help you put your emotional life back together. The coming period seems to be dominated first by work and only second by the wish to let rip and enjoy yourself. Tuesday and Wednesday should be your best days, if only because the Moon seems to be on your side.

15 Patrick Patterson, former West Indies cricketer, y.o.b. 1961; Michael Conrad Carew, former West Indies cricketer, y.o.b. 1937

18 Audrey Reid, actress

20 Patrick Roberts, Shocking Vibes boss, y.o.b. 1964

20 Benzley Hype, deejay

21 Curtly Elconn Lynwall Ambrose, former West Indies cricketer, y.o.b. 1963