Weird News


September 20, 2017

A man has been protesting in his underwear in an attempt to reclaim his bong and marijuana from police.

Jeffrey Shaver from Ontario, Canada, has caused quite the stir for the past month as he's been standing outside court in nothing but his boxers every day, accompanied only by signs reading 'Return my bong' and 'Return my marijuana'.

The 31-year-old's protest began when he was arrested for possession of weed after they were called initially when Jeffrey caused a disturbance near vending machines at a hospital where he was being treated for a panic attack.

Police officials seized his drugs and paraphernalia at the time of the arrest, which prompted Jeffrey to embark on his monthlong protest to reclaim his lost items.

And his actions seem to have worked, with the court having dropped the possession charge against him, and agreeing to return the items to him.

Speaking to The Record, Jeffrey said: "The action of the Crown on this marijuana case has been completely unreasonable. There should have been no need to continue [protesting] for such a long time."

But this good news doesn't mark the end of Jeffrey's troubles, as he's now due to face charges of public nudity over his protest.

A man was forced to call fire services after his penis got stuck in a gym weight.

The unnamed man had to endure a gruelling three hours of pain while firefighters tried to use power tools to free his penis from the hole at the centre of the 2.5kg weight plate, after doctors at a hospital in Worms, Germany, were left perplexed by the scenario.

The news broke after the fire crew posted a warning to gym goers on their Facebook page over the weekend, where they urged other males not to attempt the somewhat silly move.

Next to a picture of the broken weight after they had freed the man, they wrote: "A message of a somewhat different kind was received on Friday morning at the control centre.

"One person had a very sensitive part of the body trapped in the hole of a 2.5 kg-dumbbell disc.

"With the help of a cutting grinder, a vibrating saw and a hydraulic rescue device, the dumbbell weight could be removed after three hours.

"Please do not imitate such actions! (sic)"

It is not known at the time of writing what the man was attempting to do when he found himself stuck on the hefty weight plate.

Now that he's been freed, it is also unknown whether or not his nether regions have made a full recovery.

A driver has been left shocked after finding a koala clinging to his car.

The unnamed driver had driven 10 miles from his home in Adelaide, Australia, when he heard a strange crying noise, and stopped his car to locate the source of the sounds.

When the driver inspected his car, he was shocked to find six-year-old Kelly the koala clinging to his wheel strut for dear life.

With the help of Fauna Rescue, the driver was able to coax Kelly out from behind his wheel, and took her to a vet for an inspection.

Fauna Rescue's Jane Brister, who was called out to care for the marsupial, said: "I have never seen anything like that. It is absolutely incredible. She was crying a little bit, she was a little bit shaken and she was clearly in shock but I rushed her straight to the vet. I could smell her burnt fur. It would have been hot in there. She was wedged in very, very tight so I got underneath car with a head torch and all I could see was a furry lump."

Kelly was in care for 48 hours before being released back into the wild, where she is said to have scampered into a nearby tree to live out her days in peace.

Koalas have been listed as a 'vulnerable' species since 2012, and Australian Koala Foundation estimates there are fewer than 100,000 left in the wild.