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September 21, 2017

Weird News

A woman has been defended by a priest after attending the funerals of strangers for 14 years.

The unnamed serial gatecrasher has been going to the Church of the Holy Redeemer in Slough, Berkshire, for more than a decade to watch mourners say goodbye to their relatives and friends, and even eats food from buffets at wakes.

Despite being blasted by several family members of the deceased persons over the years, Father Noel Connolly says she is just a "poor lady" who simply feels it is her duty to attend as many funerals as possible and he won't be turning her away.

According to the, he said: "She is a Catholic and she is convinced she needs to go to as many Masses as possible.

"She's a member of a neighbouring parish.

"I've spoken to her about this since and said people were upset she was gatecrashing funeral receptions, and, of course, she denied it.

"It's a fact, because I've seen her do it, but that's the type of poor lady she is.

"She has been coming and going since I have been here for the past 14 years. I can't exactly say, 'You can't come here.'"

can't exactly say, 'You can't come here.'"

Six women wore the exact same dress to a wedding but weren't even bridesmaids.

The ladies all bought the black lace gown at Forever New an Australian clothing line for nearly PS100 and when they all noticed the matching outfit, they took a group picture and posted it on the fashion brand's Facebook page.

Debbie Speranza, one of the six fashion faux pas victims, advised them to provide a service where wedding guests can check if others have ordered the same ensemble for an event.

She wrote: "You really should start a bridal registry so that your customers can inquire whether anyone else has purchased one of your dresses for the same event.

Debbie admitted she only knew one of the women, who was her cousin; the rest were complete strangers.The post went viral, with more than 38,000 likes and 9,000 comments, and Debbie revealed that it wasn't planned at all.

She said: "Not at all, I thought it was hilarious. Once we all stood together all the weddings goers were like 'wtf? (sic)"

One of the oldest people in the United Kingdom has admitted her secret to a long life is drinking whiskey every night.

Grace Jones, who just turned 111, admitted she doesn't feel any different than a 21-year-old and credits knocking back a shot of bourbon to living to the grand age.

While Grace says whiskey-sipping has been the key to her longevity, her daughter, Deirdre who is turning 80 soon said she thinks it's her positive attitude that has kept her going.

Deirdre told "She's a very positive person and never seems to worry about anything.

"She's also very lively and interested in everything and everyone. She loved moving around. She's the kind of person who cannot understand why anybody would want to live the quiet life."

Grace who is also known as 'Amazing Grace' is the sixth

oldest person in the UK.

A cafE has launched a new snack dubbed "the most northern sandwich ever".

The New Cake and Sandwich Shop in Manchester created the 'Pie Face', which includes a pie inside an English muffin set on top of chips.

Mushy peas with a jug of gravy come as a side, all for just PS3.

The diner's co-owner Samantha Mitchell told Manchester Evening News: "Since last year, myself and my husband Garry Mitchell decided to do a weekly and an alternate, sometimes weird, sandwich, calling it 'sandwich of the week'.

"I do prefer the bizarre sandwiches and I'd heard of the Wigan kebab, but decided to give it a twist so I decided with the chips and mushy peas.

"Customers reactions have been fantastic. Obviously, it's not everyone's choice ... It's great to know we're doing something right."