Help to mitigate against disasters - McKenzie


September 22, 2017

Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie says the residents of Clarendon have an important role to play to mitigate natural disasters.

"I have told the mayor (of May Pen) that it is time for the municipality to pay close attention to how people build in the parish of Clarendon. Too many illegal structures are being constructed in river beds, on gully banks, and blocking drains. These are all contributing factors to flooding," he said.

During a tour of some areas in Clarendon which were damaged during the April floods on Wednesday, McKenzie said the parish is at the top of the list of places known to be vulnerable to natural disasters in the island, and that the physical infrastructure cannot take any more battering.

After the tour, the minister addressed residents at a town-hall meeting at the Edwin Allen High School.

He told the audience that there are 47 shelters in the parish, and the Government would be providing money to retrofit one main shelter in the northern part of Clarendon.