Soap Previews


September 22, 2017
@Normal:Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady on the daytime soap, 'Days of Our Lives'.
@Normal:Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.
@Normal:Dominic Zamprogna portrays 'Dante' on General Hospital


Sally and the Spectra group toured their offices to check out the renovations. As CEO of Spencer Publications, Liam began to make changes within the company, starting with the removal of 'Skye.' Bill asked Justin where his loyalty lies with Liam or Bill? Steffy paid Brooke a visit in an attempt to get her to forgive Bill and all of his misdeeds. Wyatt and Justin discovered a piece of information regarding Liam's business dealings with Sally and Spectra Fashions. RJ tried to get his mom to admit that Ridge was her true soulmate. Meanwhile, Bill warned Ridge to stay away from Brooke and out of their marriage. Coco unsuccessfully questioned Sally about the identity of the person who helped raise Spectra Fashions from the ashes.

Watch for: A father and son took a significant step towards healing their estranged relationship. A company experiences major changes with a new CEO at the helm. A businesswoman gets a fresh start, thanks to a secret benefactor.


Nicole found herself drawn to Eric as they worked together at the Horton Center. Chloe and Julie found themselves at odds. Abe began a search for a new commissioner of the Salem PD. Chloe and Julie formed an unlikely partnership. Lucas' loved ones confronted him about his drinking. Eric was stunned by Brady's demand. Nicole made a confession to Abe. Chloe warned Eric about her big mistake. Hope and Rafe's relationship was put to the test when they were both nominated as candidates for the commissioner position. Chad was thrown for a loop by Abigail's decision regarding their wedding. Gabi realised why Eli was fired. Eric made a surprising move.

Watch for: Hope and Rafe learn they both expressed interest in the commissioner job. Eli runs into someone from his past. Bonnie tries to seduce Victor.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Franco felt deceived. Griffin worried about Ava's well-being. Anna's determination continued to grow. Sam grappled with a big decision. Curtis attempted to explain himself. Ava's curiosity intensified. Lulu's instincts were spot on. Sonny felt conflicted. Franco was furious. Lulu softened towards Valentin. Carly confronted Michael. Nelle received some unexpected advice. Kristina had second thoughts. Finn was reluctant. Ava received some positive news for once. Meanwhile, Lulu learnt the truth about Ava. Valentin stayed two steps ahead of everyone. TJ called Jordan out. Sonny paid Sam a visit. Elizabeth remained committed to Franco. Sam leaned on Alexis. Sonny and Carly put two and two together. Michael made a bold move.

Watch for: Sonny assigns a task to Brick. Liz gets some good news. Griffin makes his intentions known.


Nick confronted Victor about going behind his back and offering Noah business advice. Later, Nick decided to tell Faith that Victor kicked him off the ranch. Jack and Ashley were relieved when Dina agreed to keep Graham away from any Jabot business; however, Dina continued to defend Graham and insisted that he had nothing to hide. Jack and Nikki were enjoying a night at the Abbott Cabin, when Abby arrived hoping for some time alone. Meanwhile, someone was outside the cabin taking photos of the couple kissing. Billy and Phyllis agreed not to talk about work. Victor and Victoria decided to call a truce. Cane suggested to Lily that they go to marriage counselling. Lily was apprehensive but agreed to give it a try.

Watch for: Billy presses his luck. Ashley plots her next move. Mariah and Tessa make a dangerous decision.