September 22, 2017
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Entertainment and romance....................28th

Domestic and family matters..................27th

Bargain hunting and shopping.................26th


Sport and outdoor life.......................25th



Sign new contracts, start new ventures.......27th

Avoid new commitments........................

Arrange business meetings and interviews.....26th

Note tips and hunches........................25th

ARIES (Mar 21 Apr. 20)

You have an inkling of how your life is about to change, hopefully for the better, but the why and wherefore is all still rather vague. Your planets, you see, are offering clarity with one hand and ambiguity with the other! That's so typical! A long-lost friend may get in touch, by the way, so welcome them back into the fold.

TAURUS (Apr. 21 May 21)

You are far more talented than you sometimes imagine. Astound competitors and colleagues, not to mention friends and allies, with your business flair. The entire financial situation is somewhat complex at the moment, but if you bring your impeccable sense of taste to the fore you could pull off a major coup. There could be bargains galore!

GEMINI (May 22 June 21)

Your stars are looking more powerful than for many weeks. Mars, the planet of energy and aggression, is encouraging you to feel a great deal more intense than usual. This is precisely why you must now review all personal obligations and professional ties. You may have made a promise which you will find it impossible to keep.

CANCER (June 22 July 23)

The Sun's relationship with Jupiter has one very specific meaning large pay rises for all whose income has suffered or has not reflected their best efforts. In any event, emotional riches are in the offing, so one way or another you're bound to benefit. Actually, as you have learnt, your heart is more important than your bank-balance, so keep a proper balance in your affairs.

LEO (July 24 Aug. 23)

Somewhat challenging planetary patterns still relate both to your family scene and events which may have taken place a very long time ago indeed. Yet, if by any chance you have moved beyond certain people, don't let them drag you back. Quite aside from which, your romantic stars are shining brightly.

VIRGO (Aug. 24 Sept. 23)

Pleasurable planets are sure to play their part. Home entertaining and joyful family gatherings are strongly signified by midweek stars. There is a suspicion that something may be arranged without your knowledge. A sort of surprise, perhaps? You'll be doing your bit to help the needy and will almost certainly be rushed off your feet at the end of the week.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 Oct. 23)

It's a good moment to turn your back on the past and focus on the future. Forget about tried and tested methods at home. If you want to get all your domestic chores over in double-quick time, try a spot of lateral thinking, take a risk and turn everything on its head. If you're travelling, short journeys seem to fare better than long.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22)

It's time to turn your gaze outwards. To the big, wide, world. If personal affairs are just too much, how about having another crack at some public ambition or worldly enterprise that you have ignored or forgotten? If shopping sprees are lined up, you'll probably find that luxuries are a much better bet than necessities. By the way, Thursday and Friday could be your best days for communication.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 Dec. 22)

Remarkable opportunities to enhance your reputation are highlighted by a superb series of relationships involving planets such as the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter. Foreign and long-distance connections could come up trumps, although you should be very careful to avoid legal complications unless you've got the benefit of impeccable advice.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 23 Jan. 20)

It's all change in the celestial spheres. Mercury, that most lively of planets, is now setting the agenda, hopefully with the very best of results. Within the week you are liable to receive a flash of inspiration that could help you completely remodel and rearrange your affairs. First, though, you have to take a long, lingering look at the past.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 Feb. 19)

You may still be caught in the crossfire. Jupiter and Pluto are definitely at odds and you are teetering on the edge of far-reaching changes both on the home front and at work. Midweek may bring the liveliest family influences, with much pleasure to be found in the company of children. After then, you need to find time to put your feet up.

PISCES (Feb. 20 Mar 20)

Excellent ambitious stars will benefit those of you who are not in full-time employment as much as those who are. All Pisceans should be moving forward to take a new place in the world, eventually accepting the acclaim and appreciation of the community. There'll be time enough for private matters when you have made your mark on the world stage!


The stage is set for a lively period over the next few months, as Mercury and Venus, an irresistible combination if ever there was one, spend the next few months spicing up your chart The potential of these two planets lies in their social skills, the one having the power to persuade and convince, the other to soothe and charm. If you should run into difficulties, then it could be that you have slipped up somewhere, so do better next time! Your social flare will carry you through the most testing situations, even at work or in a clash with authority. One other thing is clear at the moment: you're far more aware of the real situation than are many others, and you will develop the confidence to assert yourself in trying situations. You also tend to have higher expectations of yourself than most people, and judge your failures much more harshly. Yet the same planets which from time to time pose you with so many problems are the same ones which, now and in the future, are opening the window of opportunity on to a life you never dreamed existed.

23 Junior Kelly, singer

25 Ricardo Gardner, y.o.b. 1978, former Reggae Boy

26 Barry G, radio personality y.o.b. 1956

28 Augustine Lawrence Logie, y.o.b. 1960, former West Indies cricketer