Weird News


September 25, 2017

A bake sale at the University of New Mexico, set up by a non-profit group to charge students based on race and ethnicity, ended after outraged opponents disrupted it.

The group, Turning Point USA, set up what it called an 'Affirmative Action Bake Sale' on campus last Thursday, with a sign advertising higher prices for Asians and Caucasians and cheaper prices for African Americans and Hispanics.

William Witt, a Turning Point regional director, said the bake sale was aimed at generating a conversation about affirmative action programmes.

"Certain groups get different opportunities than other groups, and we believe it doesn't give equal opportunity," he said.

But protesters outnumbered the people who set up the bake sale, and the members of Turning Point ended up leaving.

The university said the group is not recognised as an official student group but has applied for recognition.

Turning Point bills itself as a student movement for free markets and limited government.

Police in Pennsylvania say a man hoping to sell his car was taken for a ride when a prospective buyer drove away without him and never came back.

Police in Carroll Township in York County say the bizarre theft occurred last Tuesday.

Investigators say the car's owner advertised it online and met a man interested in buying his red 1995 Acura Integra with a charcoal-grey hood.

The owner drove the prospective buyer around for a while, then stopped and got out of the car to let the prospective buyer get into the driver's seat. But police say the buyer drove away in the car before the owner could get back in.

The car was last seen in Dillsburg on Route 15, possibly headed towards Philadelphia.

A Colorado Springs police officer heading to an accident scene in a van got a big surprise when a raccoon jumped on to the front windshield of the vehicle and stayed there until the officer pulled over.

The Denver Post reports that officer Chris Frabbiele was responding to an accident scene in a large van, used by police to investigate crashes, when the raccoon landed on its windshield late Wednesday night.

Police spokesman Lt Howard Black says the raccoon hopped off the van after Frabbiele pulled over and stopped it.

Images of the raccoon encounter from a van dash camera showed the animal appearing to cling to the windshield after it landed and crouching by the van's windshield wipers.

Police say a drunken Pennsylvania man had an 8-year-old girl drive him around until someone saw the car moving recklessly and called 911.

WPXI-TV reports the bizarre incident, involving 24-year-old Kevin Cook, happened on September 3 in Darlington Township, Beaver County.

That's where township police say in a criminal complaint that someone reported seeing the child driving and almost wrecking the car twice about 7:30 p.m.

Police say the girl stopped the car when another motorist became upset and got out of his car, yelling at her and Cook. That's when the girl told police Cook made her switch seats so he could get behind the wheel before police arrived.

Police say Cook was so drunk he couldn't finish a field sobriety test.

The New Castle man doesn't have an attorney listed in court records.