weird news


September 27, 2017

Jonathan Dade and his black Labrador Tyson were out walking in Suffolk, Southern England, when the mutt discovered the sex toy and the pooch enjoyed playing with it so much, that when his owner attempted to wrest it off his pet he had a job on his hands.

The dog owner told The Sun Online: "I was laughing so much I nearly wet myself, to be honest. I was just walking my dog and he just began rummaging around in the bushes.

"Then he just came out with it. He turned his head and started wagging his tail as if to say 'look what I've got'.

"At first I just thought it was a dirty old stick, but it was just wobbling around in his mouth and I was like 'no, it definitely isn't, is it?'"

Jonathan, 38, posted the picture of his dog and the dildo on his Facebook page and it went viral.

A man has been filmed clinging on to a train travelling at 70 mph.

The 19-second clip, which has been viewed more than 5,000 times, was uploaded on to Facebook and shows the carriage zooming along the Mitchell Freeway in Australia.

In the video, the camera shows the rear of the train, where a man is seen holding on for dear life to the wiper blades.

The unnamed male was later arrested by Public Transport Authority officers.

PTA spokesman David Hyne said: "In all other instances it generally goes up on Facebook or on the Internet or on YouTube after the event."

The Australian government's transport minister, Rita Saffioti, warned how dangerous it is to be "acting stupidly" near to railway lines.

According to the Mirror Online, she added: "They want to get on YouTube. They want mainstream publicity so they don't try to get themselves caught, so we don't often know about it until it's well after the event.

"People shouldn't be acting stupidly around our rail line. These are serious pieces of infrastructure and they can cause death and of course they can cause serious injuries."

A 32-foot monster has washed up on a beach in Maasin City, Philippines, causing panic among locals.

Authorities are reportedly struggling to identify the creature because it has decomposed so much, according to Julius Alpin of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

Several people believe the beast is in fact a whale, but apparently its size and smell is now a risk to citizens, the reports.

Persons on the scene decided to bury it at sea due to being a health hazard.