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September 28, 2017

A widow is making sure her late husband's eight-foot cock bush is kept trimmed.

Joan, 77, has ensured the cockerel-shaped tree has been kept neat ever since her beloved spouse Tom died in 2012.

As she is unable to do it herself, the elderly lady employs someone to take care of it.

The masterpiece has stood in their front garden in Birmingham, northern England, for 15 years.

Joan told, "Tom used to be a contractor, but when he retired he decided to take on a new hobby.

"It started out by being an overgrown conifer tree, but he slowly started to change that because it was too big.

"I would always ask him what he was doing, but he'd say, 'You get in and do your job, and I'll do mine,' so I didn't know until it was complete.

"As soon as I saw it, I couldn't believe how clever his creation was.

"He was very proud of the cockerel deep down, but he would never show it.

"I think he got the idea to create a cockerel because he was a farmer's son and always grew up around birds.

"I knew when Tom passed away that I'd have to carry on looking after it for Tom, but I'm too old.

"Now, when my son comes from Ireland, he makes sure he clips it, but I've got someone who comes around and keeps on top of it."

A boy got his head stuck in a potty seat at a supermarket.

Two-year-old Ronnie Watkins screamed the Asda store in Greenhithe, southeast London, down, but was thankfully freed after a member of staff rubbed some butter around his neck, and found a tool to cut him out.

The youngster's mother, Claire Watkins, 41, told Kent Live: "He put it on his head like a hat, and I did not think that it would be possible for his head to fit through the hole.

"I turned my head for a split second to speak to my five-year-old daughter, and when I looked back it was around Ronnie's neck.

"I thought it would just lift off, but it wouldn't. The Asda staff were great, and one male member of staff rushed off to get some butter.

"We put some on Ronnie's ears and smoothed it around the seat in the hope that it would slide off, but it wouldn't.

"Ronnie became distressed, so a female member of staff gave him a cookie, which he was happy about.

"We were taken off of the shop floor and into a staff training room, where the male member of staff found a tool to cut through the tough plastic.

"Eventually, he was able to cut all the way through the plastic and Ronnie was free."

A group of naked people have been spotted in London painted in various famous designs by artists.

Award-winning body paint artist Sarah Attwell was commissioned by online art platform Rise Art to mend the gap after research revealed one in six Britons have never set foot in an art gallery.

A group of 'human canvases' were spotted on London Underground donning various artworks including Van Gogh's Sunflowers and Edward Munch's The Scream.

The survey of 2,000 British adults also showed more than half of the population rate their understanding of art as poor, with 44 per cent believing the art world is elitist.

Sarah said: "I've worked on a number of large-scale projects, but this has definitely been one of my biggest challenges.

"We've worked hard to ensure we do these incredible artworks justice and are so pleased with the results.

"I've always grown up around art, so have been thrilled to partner with Rise Art to create something bold yet accessible and show that great art really can be for everybody."