Weird News


October 06, 2017

A marathon runner shocked onlookers when his penis slipped out during the race.

Jozef Urban finished in 10th place during the Kosice Peace Marathon in Slovakia over the weekend, but as the sportsman was coming up to the finish line, his entire manhood slipped out of his running shorts and was shaking around uncontrollably.

Jozef was unaware he had exposed himself, but onlookers looked on in shock, while others ignored the incident and continued to cheered him.

Footage of the moment the athlete flaunted all has been obtained by the Mirror Online, and captures one steward trying to help him conceal his modesty when he bends over to catch his breath once he crossed the finish line.


A dog has nabbed the Guinness World Record for having the longest tongue.

An eight-year-old St Bernard named Mochi 'Mo' Rickert has bagged the title as the muscle measured in at 18.58cm, and the pet pooch is "proud" to receive the accolade, The Mirror Online has reported.

Speaking about her four-legged friend's achievement, Mo's owner, Carla Rickert, said: "It still does not seem real! Mochi is so humble, she never brags or boasts, but I know that she is as proud of her new record as we are."

And Mochi's achievement features in the 'Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals' text.