Weird News


October 07, 2017

A mother-in-law asked her daughter to give her husband oral sex during a photoshoot on their wedding day.

A wedding photographer, named Michel Klooster, was hired to photograph the couple's happy day and in one particular picture, the groom stood in a forest with his trousers at his ankles while his bride who was still in her wedding dress is on her knees in front of him carrying out the sexual act, the Metro Online has reported.

But the creative mastermind has insisted the image was all staged as he didn't want any genitalia to be visible.

He said: "Some newly-weds cannot wait for the party to be over so they can quietly retreat to their suite for a smashing wedding night.

"Luckily they already exchanged their wedding vows and they were officially married.

"I don't want private parts visible on the picture, but everything that creates the impression is interesting.

"They were anyway very cheerful people. A nice and casual wedding, at which everything did not have to be so formal."

A study has shown 28 per cent of British people smile at someone at least once a day.

Ahead of World Smile Day on Friday White Glo ran a new survey and found that more than half of Brits smile in response to them receiving the same gesture from another person.

However, the survey has revealed that 20 per cent of people worry that they don't smile enough.

The research also looked into why people may not be smiling as much as they would like, and 33 per cent admitted they do not flash their pearly whites because they are unhappy with their teeth.

White Glo's dental expert Dr Georgio Sotriopoulos said: "If you are happy with how your teeth look, it will show in your smile.

"The good news is that there are so many options available which can make a real difference in a short space of time.

"The research shows a huge number of people are unhappy with the colour of their teeth, something that can be fixed without visiting a dentist.

"Choosing an at home whitening kit which contains the same ingredients the professionals use is a great place to start."

Two dog owners believe they have taught their dog to speak. Natalia and Leonid Fedorenko filmed their pet pooch Bosia appearing to say the word "mama" when he wanted some treats.

The two owners have claimed they haven't trained Bosia to say the word and were shocked when they heard their four-legged friend utter the word.

The pair shared the footage of their dog's trick on social media, which has since gone viral, and has also been obtained by The Mirror Online.

Natalia said: "He is a hero. We took him when he was tiny from an animal shelter for stray dogs.

"We had been looking for a tiny dog for a long time."

A group of researchers have found tears can be used as energy.

A group of experts from the University of Limerick have found that the crystals of Iysozymekl, which is a chemical created every time someone cries, develops an electric charge that can be used in electronic devices, the Mirror Online's The Dave Desk has reported.

This process is known as piezoelectricity and has been used with other materials including quartz, which make mobile phones vibrate.

And the researchers have claimed the crystals could be used in innovative ways, like quartz, because it is a biological material.