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October 12, 2017

weird news

Couple sees monster in toilet

A monster has been spotted slithering out of a toilet.

Zul Hanif Anip and his wife Puteri were stunned when they saw the creature poke its head out of the basin before it clambers out of their bathroom and across the floor, and the stomach-churning moment has been caught on camera and obtained by The Mirror Online.

It is believed the unknown animal has been living in the pipes attached to the toilet and has been feeding off of the sewage, But it was forced to show its face because it started to grow to be too big to fit in the restricted area.

Speaking about the moment, photographer Zul said: ''It was scary. It came up through the toilet. No one had been throwing away the water.

''I think the creature grew up inside the pipe works connected to the toilet hole, because I have checked and there is no entry point for it to have got inside.

''He was about two metres long with a very fat, thick body. I'm not sure if it was a snake or a kind of tidal creature or from the swamp.

''It's head was very small and it had a short tail, which did not look like a snake."

The couple have a child and feared the being would have bitten their brood, although no harm was actually caused to their offspring.

Zul continued: "There was a child in the house at the time, but this creature would not have eaten humans. I think it would have bitten them and left its teeth inside.

''My house is surrounded by paddy fields so it may have originated from there.''

And the pair reportedly caught the creature and disposed of it in a nearby swamp.

Alien corpse found in tomb

An alien corpse has reportedly been found in an undisturbed tomb.

A group of experts believe mummified remains, which were found in a burial in South Peru, are the remnants of an alien's body, as the corpses are rumoured to have three fingers on each hand, which are not the same shape as a human being.

According to the Mirror Online, some of the DNA samples taken from the site have been recognised as unfit for testing, but other examples that have been studied have come as belonging to a human.

A report obtained from the Paleo DNA laboratory at the Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada, stated: "The evidence suggests the source of DNA from the biological material from the cranial brain and the bone extracted from the hand belongs to homo sapiens (humans)."

But the discovery has set tongues wagging that the corpse may have been tampered with, which would explain the unusual size of the hands.

Crocodile head floats in river

A dog walker couldn't believe his eyes when he saw what he thought was a crocodile's head floating down the River Thames in London last Tuesday morning.

Chris Davies, 46, was left stunned when he saw the potentially deadly creature swimming near Chelsea Harbour, but let out a huge sigh of relief when the emergency services turned up and discovered the "beast" was actually a realistic pond ornament.

Speaking to the MailOnline, harbour master Colin Bullock, who was called in to deal with the mystery sighting, said: "It was just a pond ornament. It was only a plastic item and I fished it out with a net. No need to panic."

The RSPCA said before the harbour master identifying the mystery object: "We haven't received any calls to our emergency hotline about a crocodile in the River Thames, however we have seen a video circulating on social media.

"It would be very unusual for a crocodile to be living in the River Thames, and it's difficult to tell from the video if it's real or not. We would encourage anyone who spots the crocodile to contact the police in the first instance.

"Unfortunately this sort of thing is not completely unheard of. We had a case this year where a caiman was found dumped in a reservoir in Bristol.

"It's not illegal to own crocodiles as pets in the UK under licence, so there's a chance this one in the Thames was abandoned by its owner. This is a very strange case and we, of course, would discourage owners from abandoning pet crocodiles in this way."

Five-year-old girl goes through menopause

A five-year-old girl has started the menopause.

Emily Dover went through puberty at two years old as she started to develop breasts. At four years old the child started her period, and only one year later, the youngster has started to experience the life change older women tend to go through later in life.

And the whole ordeal has shocked mother Tam Dover who thinks it is unfair on her child who has "lost out" on enjoying her childhood.

Speaking to the Mirror Online about her offspring who was diagnosed with Addisons disease earlier this year Tam said: "We used panty liners and it didn't last more than a day.

"She only had her period again the other day. She hasn't even had a chance to be a little girl. She's having to learn how to put panty liners on for menstruating.

"It's difficult to explain to her what is happening. She knows she's different, she knows she's much bigger than other children.

"Emily is my youngest child, and she was also my smallest baby after birth. She was 8lbs."