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October 13, 2017
@Normal:Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady on the daytime soap, 'Days of Our Lives'.
@Normal:Joshua Morrow stars as Nick Newman in 'The Young And The Restless'.


Having noticed that Katie was much happier lately, Brooke interrogated her sister about her current love life. Charlie discovered the portrait that Sheila had commissioned and assured her that it would never hang over Eric's fireplace. RJ got his hopes up about his parents reuniting. After much thought, Brooke made plans with Bill to discuss their differences and the future of their marriage. Quinn and Mateo enjoyed working together, but in much different ways. Ridge anxiously awaited word from Brooke about her conversation with Bill, hoping that she decided to end her marriage. A truly worried Steffy warned Liam that his father might blame him in the event that Brooke chose to leave Bill. Worried that Wyatt had been single for way too long, Quinn made a plan to find him a suitable woman. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Katie played hooky from work and had an afternoon rendezvous.

Watch for: An awkward moment leads to a renewed rivalry. Details of a break-up are revealed. An outcast attempts to gain an ally.


Nicole confessed to Eric that she loves him. Brady sensed that Chloe was hiding something. Sonny had a major request for Kate. Lucas had a serious talk with Will. Nicole and Eric made plans for the future. Brady realised that Nicole lied to him. Kate met with Clyde to get to the truth. Adrienne ran into Hattie in prison. Nicole came clean with Brady. Kate relayed Clyde's bombshell to John, Marlena and Roman. Bonnie blackmailed Victor. Chloe and Julie clashed over the club. Brady turned the tables on Nicole.

Watch for: Hope and Rafe argue over how she's handling her new position. Gabi makes a fervent plea on Eli's behalf. Sami clashes with Paul and John.


Sam believed that Curtis could do a better job than she could. Michael wondered if he was going to regret his decision. Franco came clean to Liz. Carly focused on Morgan's foundation. Sonny had some tough questions for Griffin. Kristina got in a little too deep. Alexis received some disappointing news. Maxie's life was derailed. Josslyn reflected back on Morgan's death. Ava found herself regarded as a very unwelcome guest. Griffin prayed for some guidance. Alexis was furious. Kevin made an impulsive decision. Ava was desperate to escape her fate. Michael was stunned by an anonymous donation. Dillon got the wrong idea. Sam received a heartfelt gesture. Anna plotted her next move.

Watch for: Franco is plagued with nightmares. Josslyn hits a dead end. Patient Six takes in his surroundings.


At Jabot, Billy arrived and suggested to Jack that they make peace for the sake of Ashley's upcoming celebration. An angry Jack responded by increasing security so that Billy would be denied access to the office server. Mariah worried about what Kevin might have disclosed to Devon about her. Abby admitted that Zack was acting odd. Graham told Ashley that they had more in common than she would like to believe. Later, Ashley asked Ravi to be her date. Lily was thrilled when Victoria and Billy offered her an executive position at Brash & Sassy. Colin charmed Juliet and wished her well with her pregnancy. Nick offered Hilary a scoop on Victor.

Watch for: Jack plots to squeeze Graham out of Dina's life. Phyllis pushes Billy to come clean. Victoria loses control.