weird news


October 13, 2017

A thigh-themed leg cafe has opened in Japan.

An eatery named Tokyo's World of Thighs Photography CafE is set to be launching in the country in East Asia, and the meals on offer are believed to include designs in the shape of female's legs.

The Mirror Online has reported that the restaurant will not only garnish their dishes with edible limbs, but they will decorate the interior with the body part too.

And it is believed that the innovative cafE is a tribute to Japanese photographer Yuria.

Speaking about the venue, the organiser said: "The entire cafE will be coloured by the world of thighs."

The cafE also has a gift shop where they will sell thigh-themed items to their guests.

A mother battled with a shark on the beach.

Melissa Hatheier was swimming in the beachside rock pool in Sydney, Australia, when she spotted a fin in the water.

The swimming group the female was with all left the water in fear, but footage, which was captured by Melissa's daughter, shows Melissa wrestling with the elasmobranch fish.

However, the brave parent's action was actually a kind-hearted gesture as she picked the sea creature up in her arms, carried it over the edge of the shallow water and threw it back into the ocean.

Melissa told Channel Nine's Today show: "I herded him into the shallows, and then I just got him with my knees, with his fins and threw him back and saved him.

"I wasn't scared. I was just thinking he was trapped in this rock pool and I needed to help him out. I'm a real estate agent.

"My job is to help people relocate to their perfect homes. I just helped the shark relocate to the ocean."

A bar has been set up exclusively for hipsters, but customers have to complete a test before they enter to prove they suit the criteria.

A new bar has been launched in Manchester, which only allows hipsters to enter, and it has been reported on the Manchester Evening News that a database has been set up in the hotspot that takes photographs of the clientele to assess whether the customer is an appropriate guest.

Once the system has checked the picture and entry has been granted, the customer then has to register their details.

And it is only when those two tasks have been completed and accepted that the customer can enjoy the free bar and mingle with other kooky people.

A cow with a fifth leg has become one of China's popular attractions to visit.

The farm animal, who has an additional limb on its back due to a condition named polymelia, has been discovered in Zhanjiang, China, and the being has become a famous being in the area as people have flocked from far and wide to see the cattle, the Mirror Online has reported.

And footage of the five-legged cow, which captures a male checking out the leg, has also gone viral.

The condition is believed to be very rare as only four in 100,000 cows are born with the illness.