Weird News


October 18, 2017

Weird News

An elderly woman is spending her retirement completing dangerous activities.

Trish Wagstaff, 85, has raised more than PS150,000 for charity by undertaking daring activities, which include swimming with sharks, skydiving, paragliding, abseiling and wing walking, the Mirror Online has reported.

Speaking about her new adventures, Trish who had a hip replacement in 2002 said: "A lot of my friends and family think I'm absolutely hilarious.

"My son came along and took photos when I was swimming with sharks. I think he was more nervous than me.

"It's no more dangerous than crossing the road when a car is coming."

And the fearless female has revealed she started to carry out the testing tasks after her late husband Peter who was a major in the Scots Guard tragically passed away.

She explained: "I started doing it a year after my husband died, but if he had been alive he would have said 'no you won't'."

A snake with two heads has been spotted in the Netherlands.

A slithery reptile suffering with the condition polycephaly, which sees animals and humans conjoin, has been discovered by wildlife photographer Matthijs Kuijpers in Amsterdam, the Daily Star Online has reported.

And the male who has previously kept and bred his own snakes when she was a child has admitted it was the "first ever" time he has seen a two-headed animal.

Speaking about the discovery, he said: "I photograph wildlife all over the world and this is the first ever live two-headed snake I have photographed.

"People find it crazy as well. Kids especially love them.

"The two heads are a mistake of nature, known as polycephaly."

But Matthijs has revealed due to the creatures disease they will sometimes fight over the same prey.

He explained: "Both heads fee sometimes they even fight for the same prey.

"They only get in a dispute when there is food involved and on all other occasions they seem to get along pretty well."

Men are reportedly not using condoms because the contraception is too big for their manhood.

According to a new study, which has been reported on the New York Times, the standard size of a condom is too big for the average penis, which is just under five inches.

The study has also found the average erect penis is around 2.5 centimetres shorter than standard condoms, which have to be at least 6.69 inches in length.

Debby Herbenick, a sexual health expert at Indiana University, said: "The idea was it had to be long enough to fit most men, and excess length could just be rolled."