Weird news


October 25, 2017

A phantom pooper was caught defecating on a woman's doorstep.

A 42-year-old woman, named Sara Price, confronted the culprit after she caught a man squatting on her drive in West Yorkshire as he prepared to relieve his bowels.

According to the Metro Online, when Sara approached the mystery male, he simply offered to pick up his faeces and dispose of them in her wheelie bin once he had finished wiping his backside.

Despite telling Sara he would clean up his mess, the male left his poop on her doorstep as he hurried to get away.

Sara swiftly appeared with a hosepipe to get rid of any remnants.

But the footage of the incident has been shared online by Sara's daughter Aurora in an attempt to identify the culprit.

A gang of turkeys have been chasing police cars down the road in a small town in Massachusetts.

The large birds which are native to area have been wreaking havoc for residents of Bridgewater 30 miles south of Boston as they've been harassing, attacking and running after them.

One of the victims, Bob Smith, filmed the birds and told WCVB: "They've been chasing me. They've imprinted on me (that I am) lower in the pecking order.

"They came from over a hill behind me. The first one in the flock pecked me in the calf. I was moving away from them. They figured 'we have more power over you. You're scared of us'.

"I'm facing off at them right up to the point that one came at me with his spurs."

Bridgewater police were forced to put out a warning on social media and accompanied some words of advice with a short video of one of their patrol cars being pursued by a group of the birds.

The post reportedly said: "Aggressive turkeys are a problem in town. State law doesn't allow the police or the Animal Control Office to remove them."

A swingers club has created an indoor wooded area for randy clients to romp inside.

A venue in West Bromwich, named Xtasia, has its own dungeon, nightclub, jacuzzi and eight playrooms for people to enjoy, and they have expanded their site to include a pretend forest area complete with fake trees and rocking vehicles to give doggers people who enjoy carrying out sex acts in public a chance to have a legal countryside experience indoors.

Speaking about the additional space in a post, which has been shared on their website, it read: "Our Dogging Wood brings together the art of searching out couples, hiding from view, joining in when requested and the randomness of not knowing when others will be there.

"Even the cars vibrate to the music."

Although dogging has not been banned in the UK by law, those who carry out the sex acts can get into trouble for other offences, including indecent exposure, public lewdness and gross indecency.

Four children ruined their family photo with a rude word.

During a photo shoot in Indiana, a mother tried to get her three daughters and her son to spell out the word 'love', but instead they used their limbs to spell out 'c**k', and their mother wasn't happy when she found out, the Mirror Online reported.

Her daughter Sydney King, 20, tweeted the picture with the caption: "Oh my gosh, we really don't deserve my mom.

"All she wanted to do was spell out love in our family pictures. She has no idea. (sic)"

The photo has been shared more than 24,000 times on Twitter and liked more than 124,000 times.