October 27, 2017
Courtney Walsh




Entertainment and romance....................31st

Domestic and family matters..................1st

Bargain hunting and shopping.................30th


Sport and Outdoor life.......................2nd



Sign new contracts, start new ventures.......2nd

Avoid new commitments........................

Arrange business meetings and interviews.....2nd

Note tips and hunches........................30th

ARIES March 21 April 20

It's time to look around and broaden your horizons and extend your field of activities. Perhaps you'll even have a chance to travel, and a quick trip does seem to be on the cards. You just need a break! In any event, the principle that unites all that you do at the present time is that you should be true to your beliefs in every way possible.

TAURUS April 21 May 21

You will have to cope with Venus' discreet contact with your sign. While this is essentially a powerful aspect for all romantic aspirations and connections, it is necessary that you be prepared to take a back seat, allowing friends to enjoy the limelight. A little humility and consideration for others now will impress loved ones no end.

GEMINI May 22 June 21

Mercury, the planet responsible for your bright ideas, links with the Moon, symbol of family happiness. There could be invitations, suggestions and random opinions floating through the air waves, and you'll have your work cut out deciding just what you should do. Within weeks you'll be dashing around, rushing from one engagement to another.

CANCER June 22 July 23

Those of you who have already taken on major responsibilities will be feeling the effects of partners' criticism. If so, don't sweep your doubts under the carpet, but sit up and take notice. Essentially, energetic Mars will introduce a mood of intensity to your relationships and romantic life. Even better, someone you haven't seen for a long time could be on the way with good news.

LEO July 24 August 23

The celestial signs are positive, and you'll be in a prime position to arrange to entertain at home, although the outcome of any family gatherings could be very different from what you intended. There are even indications that some of you will be considering a move of home. Or perhaps you're just ready for a well-earned change of scene.

VIRGO August 24 September 23

The Moon and Mercury, that fabulous pair of planets, support your activities this week, an indication that you'll be under less pressure than at certain times in the past. In fact the imminent build-up of planets in your chart will heap untold benefits on your life and aspirations. All you have to do is be on hand to make the most of them.

LIBRA September 24 October 25

Mars is aligned with parts of your chart representing money and partnerships, challenging you to assert yourself in relationships and see to it that partners respect your desire for love and affection. But could you be spending other people's money? Perhaps you'll be lining up some joint investments. Right now a spiky and irritable person might be about to have a go at you.

SCORPIO October 24 November 22

A fine way to make a success of the future is to clean up the mistakes of the past. There's more than a grain of truth in the claim that your relationships and friendships often fail because you refuse to put in the required effort. If you look at why this happens, you'll see that it's all bound up with your fear that other people want to tie you down.

SAGITTARIUS November 23 December 22

Venus will be in a most auspicious position, suggesting that relationships will be going through a popular phase. But it also gives you the ability to present yourself at your best, getting on with people with an ease that you sometimes lack. There could be some extra stress at home, though, and you might find that people you live with are piling on the pressure.

CAPRICORN December 23 January 20

The phase which you're now entering could turn out to be one of the most interesting periods of your life. Nobody is pretending it will all be roses, yet what is certain is that after another few months have passed you'll be much older and wiser. This is a prospect to be relished because it means that you'll be able to live without all the uncertainties that plague you at the moment.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 Feb. 19)

You know you're an individualist, and you must have realised by now that this can sometimes generate frustrations if you're forced to obey other people's orders in your personal and public life. Yet if you want to get on in your profession you must heed the necessity for co-operation. You know there is no other choice!

PISCES February 20 March 20

You are eager to do more than your fair share: now is your chance to move forward in every sphere of life, personal, professional, financial and emotional, seizing the initiative and pressing home your advantage. The days to watch are Monday and Tuesday, at which time your natural enthusiasm and exuberance may run away with you. Wednesday and Thursday, though, look increasingly expensive.

29 Lecturer, deejay, given name Dwayne Brown, y.o.b 1973

30 Courtney Andrew Walsh, former West Indies cricketer, y.o.b. 1962

31 Devonte, deejay, given name Wayne Burton Jerome Passley, y.o.b. 1979;