Weird News


October 30, 2017

Weird News

A woman started complaining of headaches without realising she had a spider living in her ear.

The patient, identified only as Lekshmi L, decided to attend hospital after she was no longer able to withstand the pain and irritation but doctors who examined her were shocked to find that one of the air-breathing arthropods was actually living inside her ear canal without her being aware.

Dr Santosh Shivaswamy, of the hospital in Bengaluru, India, told the Indian Express newspaper: "It's rare to see a live spider moving inside someone's ear canal."

Meanwhile, the patient commented: "I was terrified as I could feel movement of a creature in my ear."

Malibu have designed a range of new Halloween-inspired cocktails to celebrate the annual holiday.

The alcohol brand have come up with an array of tasty alcoholic concoctions ahead of October 31, and 700 bars nationwide are trying out some of the new beverages using the spirit, which are named Blood Shot, The Hocus Post, Berry Scary, Pumpkin Colada and many more.

Jennie Bosson, senior brand manager at Pernod Ricard, said: "Everyone loves Halloween we wanted to bring the Maliboo experience to our fans both at home and in bars nationwide.

"Whether you're out and about or partying with friends at home, our cocktails are sure to fright and delight."

Some of the cocktails include the Pumpkin Colada, which will be served in a pumpkin drinking vessel.

Halloween is just as fun for adults as it is for children, according to new research.

The spooky day, which is celebrated on October 31, has been voted as the most popular festivity, according to a study carried out by Microsoft

And it is believed the ghoulish event goes down a treat with the public because children and adults can dress up for a night of festivities, as a vast amount of grown-ups use the scare-fest to let their hair down and party. assessed their data to evaluate what people are searching for in the run up to Halloween, and they have revealed searches such as the best Halloween themed music, clubs and cocktails are most looked for on their site.

Research has also found fancy dress ideas are a common topic, and people are not as inspired by costumes seen on programmes such as Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, and they prefer more traditional outfits such as vampires, skeletons, pumpkins and witches.

Donald Trump has been ranked the number one scariest celebrity face.

The American President has been ranked the top of a list of celebrities, which also include Marilyn Manson, Kim Jong-un and Theresa May, who has the most terrifying appearance in a new study by

And the children who took part in the survey believe the 71-year-old would give them the biggest fright if they saw him on a dark night.

Jonathan McCarthy, six, took to the streets of London dressed as the US leader to see if his outfit packed the scare factor ahead of Halloween tomorrow.

"Trump aside, we can expect to see mini Kim Jong-un's and perhaps even the occasional Theresa May out trick or treating on October 31."

The top 10 scariest looking celebrity faces, according to Beano's study, are;

1. Donald Trump (54 per cent)

2. Marilyn Manson (41 per cent)

3. Kim Jong-un (40 per cent)

4. Donatella Versace (37 per cent)

5. Ozzy Osbourne (34 per cent)

6. Vladimir Putin (33 per cent)

7. Katie Hopkins (31 per cent)

8. Theresa May (30 per cent)

9. Nigel Farage (27 per cent)

10. Boris Johnson (26 per cent)