Weird News


November 02, 2017

Weird News

A mum was shocked when she put her son to bed only to find out it was a complete stranger the next day.

In the middle of the night, Juliet Jarvis found her son, Stewart, under a duvet cover on her dressing room floor and she gave him a pillow and left him to sleep.

But in the morning Juliet's husband Cliff checked in on their child only to discover it was a naked man, called Marc, who mistakenly got into their home, the Mirror Online has reported.

In a Facebook post, Juliet said: "Thought it was odd that Stew's car wasn't outside and a bit strange that he would come round in the early hours for a kip in my walk-in.

"I thought his hand looked mucky, but figured it could be that his car broke, and just thought ah well, Stewart does funny stuff, he can explain what he is up to in the morning

"So off I went back to bed. In the morning it turned out it was a guy called Marc, with a half painted face who had left his clothes in the conservatory covered in mud, with his muddy phone.

"I wonder if he was walking home and threw himself over the fence at the back? Or did he pick up all that mud in the woods? We live in the middle of nowhere. (sic)"

A woman is demanding a complimentary bottle of wine from Tesco after she was forbidden from buying alcohol for her daughter.

Catherine O'Callaghan, 47, went into the supermarket in Halifax with her daughter Niamh but when she went to pay, the cashier refused to serve her as her 17-year-old child didn't have any ID, the Metro has reported.

And the mother has since taken to social media to open up about the incident.

She said: "I just left my shopping on the till and took my four bags for life with me. I had to abandon the whole shop.

"So, what are they saying, I can't buy alcohol just because I'm with a 17-year-old? It just doesn't make sense to ban parents just because they're with a child.

"They offered me an apology but it just wasn't good enough. If my daughter was 'dressed up' and I was getting alcopops I'd understand it, but it was a bottle of rose with a full shop."

The face of an 18th-century witch, who died in jail, has been digitally reconstructed.

Lilias Adie, from Fife, died in 1704 after being held in prison when she confessed to being a witch and having sex with the devil.

And BBC Radio Scotland's Time Travels programme has unmasked the face behind the woman, the Mirror Online has reported, and the team believe the likeness is accurate as most other Scottish witches were burnt.

Presenter Susan Morrison said: "It was a truly eerie moment when the face of Lilias suddenly appeared.

"Here was the face of a woman you could have a chat with, though knowing her story it was a wee bit difficult to look her in the eye."

A woman ordered a birthday cake without any wording, but found an unusual message on top of the cake.

Priya Iyengar, from Mumbai, ordered a birthday cake through Zomato and gave no instructions for wording, but the company took measures into their own hands and wrote "No garlic. Food must be spicy" on the tasty treat.

Priya posted a picture of the unusual cake on her Twitter account. She wrote: "I ordered bday cake off Zomato. (didn't specify message to be added) Bakers took generic instructions in my profile & ran with it, I guess (sic)."

Priya is believed to have complained to the food service, who swiftly gave her a new plane cake.