Weird News


November 03, 2017

A man and woman have been arrested after they were caught getting frisky on a plane.

The two are believed to have met each other on the Delta flight from Los Angeles to Detroit and they hit it off immediately.

Despite only having known each other for a short while, the female reportedly performed oral sex on the male in their seats, according to The Metro Online.

The pair were due to board separate flights from Detroit to different locations, but were stopped in their tracks and taken into custody.

The frisky duo now face charges from the FBI because the crime happened in the air, so it is a federal rather than a state matter.

Google is set to review its cheeseburger emoji, but only if the public can decide where the lettuce goes.

Sundar Pichai, the chief executive of Google, has urged the public to decide on where the salad should be placed in the American feast.

And his plea comes in response to a tweet posted by the Danish media commentator Thomas Baekdal, who found there was a distinct difference between the cheeseburger emoji on Apple and Google devices, The Times newspaper has reported.

Sundar said: "Will drop everything else we are doing and address on Monday. If folks can agree on the correct way to do this!"

Sundar has received a mixed opinion from the public based on the placement of the lettuce, but it appears a large amount of people believes the cheese should melt above the meat.

A customer ordered a bean burger which was assumed to be meat-free, but when the meal arrived, they found the chef had taken a new spin on the meal as the beef burger was topped with baked beans.

The image of the patty topped with the tinned food, which was served with a portion of chips and a salad, has received a lot of attention since it emerged online.

And the picture, which was spotted on the Vegan Vegetarian Northern Ireland Facebook group by Twitter user Alanah, has since been retweeted multiple times.

Alanah tweeted: "Someone on the Northern Ireland Vegan/Veggie group said they ordered a bean burger and got this. PS9! I can't stop laughing (sic)."