November 10, 2017
@Normal:Joshua Morrow stars as Nick Newman in 'The Young And The Restless'.


Bill was horrified to learn that Liam and Sally were still in the building when the devices were detonated. Brooke had a difficult time trying to interpret Bill's actions when Katie told her about the Spectra building's demolition. Later, Bill visited the hospital and begged a wounded Liam and Sally for forgiveness. Having been as understanding as she could, Steffy could no longer hold her tongue with Liam about his obsession with Sally. Coco couldn't help but sense that Sally had feelings for Liam after hearing her sister praise him for all he'd done. Steffy assured Bill that she would fix his relationship with his son. Katie made a selfless suggestion to Wyatt about their relationship. Knowing that her secret was going to get out anyway, Sally told Coco that she kissed Liam.

Watch for: A second attempt is made to reunite a family. An ongoing secret is revealed between sisters. Positive light is shed on a seemingly hopeless situation.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eve had another unexpected revelation for Victor and Brady. Later, Eric and Brady had a tense encounter. Kate presented Gabi with a lucrative opportunity. Eli and Rafe clashed on their first day as partners at the police department. Eve denied murdering Deimos, but Brady insisted he had proof. Kate was intrigued by a conversation she overheard between Kayla and Steve. Theo's plan to help Claire backfired. Sami had a surprising request for Rafe. Eve desperately tried to extricate herself from Brady's trap. Chad confronted Andre about sabotaging the company. Chloe tried to get Lucas to stop drowning his sorrows. Rafe and Sami received some shocking news about Will.

Watch for: Paul makes a confession to Sonny. A tragic shooting occurs. Tripp confides in Steve about his growing affection for Claire.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Alexis looked for advice. Jason received a text from Curtis. Elizabeth was shaken. Diane received an important update. Finn was uncomfortable. Alexis was in shock. Anna felt rejected. Cassandra got a bright idea. Maxie was dismissive. Amy received some shocking news. Michael opened up to Sonny. Dr Klein got a bit of luck. Carly once again got what she wanted. Nelle played with fire. Nathan eased Amy's fears. Jason returned home. Cassandra invited Nina to lunch. Valentin didn't take the bait. Sonny received a surprise visit. Patient Six counted his losses. Monica made her intentions clear. Jordan had the answer. Carly wrestled with her obligations. Alexis looked to Ava for help.

Watch for: Lulu pays Maxie a visit. Nelle overhears a private conversation. Valentin is put on the spot.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jordan traded insults with Hilary, but she finished with a warning that she would get her revenge when he least expected it. Paul reluctantly agreed to investigate Zack for the sex-trafficking crimes, but advised Sharon that she should leave the dangerous detective work to him. Abby was suspicious when Victoria secretly met with Victor. Later, Jack teased Victoria that Brash & Sassy was dying a slow death, but Victoria promised him that she was on the verge of a comeback. Billy was shocked to find Juliet living in the Chancellor Mansion. Cane got drunk and begged Lily for a second chance. Victor decided to hold a party to celebrate Abby's success with the dating app. Neil and Devon purchased a top-level public relations firm. Neil encouraged Nikki to attend a party with Victor because it would generate good press.

Watch for: Abby learns the truth about Zack. Phyllis receives an unwelcome guest. Chelsea's connection to Jordan is exposed.