weird news


November 16, 2017

An empty hot-air balloon has crash-landed into a car park, and onlookers are baffled by the incident.

A group of office workers feared the worst when they saw the scene unfolding before their eyes at Cambridge Research Park.

The staff members rushed over to the site to find the gas canister was still running, but they couldn't find a single person in sight, which sparked concern among the group that someone may have fallen out.

Jack Langley, an eyewitness, said: "I noticed a hot-air balloon plummeting from the sky, and it landed just shy of our car park."

A nine-year-old boy has taken a photo of what appears to be the Loch Ness monster.

Sam Knight snapped the picture during a cruise on the Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands, which captures a dark triangle shape breaking the surface.

The image, obtained by the Mirror Online, has been credited by experts as an official sighting of the monster, which marks the eighth time this year.

And Sam's mother, Dr Jo Knight, thinks the sighting is still "a mystery".

The parent said: "Sam is very excited. It appears to be a very dark shape somewhere in Urquhart Bay. It is part of the mystery."

A star Scrabble player has been banned for three years.

The Association of British Scrabble banned Allan Simmons who had written books on the popular board game after he was accused of cheating during the matches, the Mirror Online has reported.

This comes after three witnesses have claimed they saw Allan put a hand with freshly drawn letter tiles back into the bag to pick a new selection of letters in a bid to win the competition.