Weird News


November 18, 2017

Greggs have apologised for replacing baby Jesus with a sausage roll in a festive advert.

In an attempt to promote their new advent calendar, the bakery chain released imagery of the Three Wise Men crowded around the meat feast laying in a manger instead of the son of God, the Mirror Online has reported.

But the company has been subject to criticism for the campaign as people have taken offence to the commercial, and taken to social media to slam the clip.

However, other people found the humour in the publicity stunt.

In a statement apologising for the insensitive advert, a spokesperson for Greggs said: "We're really sorry to have caused any offence, this was never our intention."

A flight attendant amused jetsetters with an unusual safety demonstration.

The Delta Air Lines cabin crew member who introduced himself as 'Jym with a y' donned sunglasses and delivered an Eminem-styled rap while informing passengers on the safety precautions, the Mirror Online has reported.

He said: "So snap it in place, around your waist, like it's going out of fashion, unexpected rough air, it could happen, even if the seat belt sign is off, leave it on with a passion.

"There's four exits, two at the front, two over wing, it's time to bring.

"That's how we ride, fly, high up in the sky, mark all exit signs. It's true, I'm here for you, now you're part of my honorary crew."

The male ended the entertaining performance with a salute, but his efforts were not highly appreciated as he was only given a quiet applause.

A video was uploaded on to Twitter by Meredith Kocan, who demanded Delta Air Lines give the air host a pay rise.

A man has managed to get out of doing housework by "accidentally" buying a toy-sized mop and bucket.

Wallace Kennedy moved into his new home with girlfriend Rebecca Mccluskie and decided he would step up in the domestic department, but he didn't manage to show off his cleaning ability as he purchased a miniature mop and bucket meant for children online.

Rebecca, 24, told the Metro newspaper: "We decided not to return it, because it was Wallace's own fault so now it sits in the kitchen as a trophy."

However, Rebecca luckily saw the funny side of her partner's blunder.

She explained: "We were in stitches and we still are whenever we think about it. It's just proved to us that I should stick to doing the housework."

A man has claimed he spotted a ghost in a Georgian house.

Chris Chalker had the fright of his life when he was working in the basement of a Georgian house in Bristol, where he and his colleague have claimed they saw a supernatural being, the Bristol Post has reported.

Chris decided to film the experience, and in the footage a small white object can be seen walking past the camera.

Chris said: "Things started happening so I filmed and caught all that."

Chris has since inspected the footage, and he has found a number of indescribable figures in the video.

He continued: "First time something weird happened was when my mate left a packet of tobacco down there in a bag in the corner of the room overnight, and in the morning it had about 20 holes melted into it."