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November 22, 2017

A three-month-old kitten travelled 300 miles in a car bonnet.

The tiny moggy managed to wiggle its way in between the headlamp and radiator of Doug and Renee Bliss' Hyundai i30 while they were on holiday in France and travelled on the ferry to Portsmouth and all the way up the motorway before the couple stopped at a service station in Sutton and realised they had a passenger.

Doug, of Duston, Northampton, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "He seemed trapped in front of the radiator behind the headlamp. We can't imagine how he got in there."

Renee added: "It must have been horrendous."

The pair had to have the bumper of their car removed to free the kitten.

They called the cat Malo a reference to the town St Malo they were holidaying in before handing him over to the Blue Cross animal charity for rehoming.