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November 27, 2017

A hamster returned from the 'dead' just minutes before it was about to be buried.

Lisa Goodman was about to give her furry friend Fudge the send off it deserved after she and her daughter Lillie woke up in the morning to find the animal cold and stiff - a common sign that it was dead - but the pair couldn't believe their eyes when the sweet creature opened its eyes and wriggled back onto its feet just moments before it was about to be plunged underground in a cardboard box.

Lisa, from Oxfordshire, then took to her Facebook account to warn other people to double check their hamster is dead before they bury it in the garden as it turned out Fudge was actually hibernating after the temperature dropped in her home.

She wrote: "I wanted to post this and share the warning as it isn't something that a lot of people are aware of. Fudge is my daughter Lillie's hamster so I was just praying that he would wake up. I didn't want to have to tell her he had died.

A hopeful romantic has received a response to the love letter she wrote six years ago.

Hayley Robbins was just 12 years old when she etched her name and phone number on a softball asking for "cute guys" to text her and thew it into the ocean and, although over half a decade has past and she had since forgotten about her cry for love, she was stunned when she received an unexpected message from a man called Adam.

She wrote on Twitter: "When I went to the beach 6 YEARS AGO I wrote my name & number on a softball & threw it into the ocean & told cute guys to text me & I just got a text about it TONIGHT (sic)."

However, the surprises didn't stop there as Hayley later found out that 'Adam' was actually a 16-year-old girl named Ashley, who subsequently revealed her real name was Kelci.

Despite ultimately being catfished - twice - Hayley and Kelci have remained friends.

A three-month-old kitten travelled 300 miles in a car bonnet.

The tiny moggy managed to wiggle its way in between the headlamp and radiator of Doug and Renee Bliss' Hyundai i30 while they were on holiday in France and travelled on the ferry to Portsmouth and all the way up the motorway before the couple stopped at a service station in Sutton and realised they had a passenger.

Doug, of Duston, Northampton, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "He seemed trapped in front of the radiator behind the headlamp. We can't imagine how he got in there."

Renee added: "It must have been horrendous."

The pair had to have the bumper of their car removed to free the kitten.

They called the cat Malo - a reference to the town St Malo they were holidaying in - before handing him over to the Blue Cross animal charity for rehoming.

Britons spend around PS43 a month on pointless items.

According to a new poll by, they found almost a quarter of British people struggle to put money aside for a rainy day and on average squander more than PS31,000 during their lifetime.

Half of those polled choose convenience over cost - including buying a sandwich rather than making one themselves.

Another 53 per cent admit to spending money on unnecessary things despite knowing they can't afford it, while less than half the nation set a budget.

Louise Harper-King, from OnePoll, told the Metro newspaper: "We've all had those months - where payday seems to crawl into sight and when it eventually comes around, our well-earned pounds are frittered away on bills and debt."