November 28, 2017

A study has found Christmas trees are filled with critters, including lice, mites, and spiders.

According to new research carried out by Bjart Jordal an associate professor of the University Museum of Bergen has discovered the vast amount of creepy-crawlies living in the festive decoration is because the bugs hibernate in the bark over the winter.

And it is during hibernation that the insects release their bodily fluids, which are inactive until heat and light from the decorations and the warmth of the homes hit the substance and awaken the bugs, the IB Times has reported.

Bjart said: "[Bugs] hibernate for the winter and usually empty their bodies of fluids, produce a chilled liquid, and become completely inactive.

"Upon feeling the heat and being awakened by the light, they believe that springtime has arrived and spring back to life.

A woman was left heartbroken after finding a pros and cons list about her completed by her crush.

The unnamed woman took to Reddit to write about her experience after finding the note, which had more negative comments than it did positive, and many readers said she had "dodged a bullet".

Some of the insults included making fun of her teeth and voice, and he even called her "clingy".

Now the woman is contemplating whether or not to reveal the man's identity.

She wrote: "I've had a crush on my friend's brother, and everyone was super supportive and encouraging me to go for it.

"Last night, we were all hanging out at my friend's house while his brother was out, and we found a piece of paper lying on the table.

"On it was a pros and cons list ... about me.

"The pros list was short that I'm small and that I'm a 'human female who might actually want to f**k' him (ew).

"The cons list was much longer and hit a bunch of my insecurities. He made fun of my teeth, my voice, called me clingy (I've hung out with the dude ONCE) and girly and annoying, among other things."

A couple have named their daughter after their favourite restaurant chain.

Justin and Jordan Garton decided to give their daughter the same moniker as the Olive Garden an eatery famed for its breadsticks after eating there every day for seven weeks straight.

After their little girl came along, they decided to name her Olivia.

Speaking to ABC News, Jordan said: "I'm only the third generation on my dad's side to be born in America.

"I just love Italian, food and growing up in Arkansas, that's pretty much one of the only Italian places that we ever got to go."

During their seven-week Olive Garden marathon, the couple spent $100 on a "never-ending pasta pass", meaning they could have unlimited food and soft drinks for a limited time.

Justin wrote on Twitter: "We spent the first part of our lives loving @olivegarden, now we get to spend the rest of our lives loving Olivia Garton #babyolivia #olivegarden #Italian #italianbaby" (sic)".

A parrot has been accused of intimidating a father.

Hayley Kirby-Bulner, a mum-of-three, has claimed their pet bird is trying to usurp her husband after she filmed the feathered animal copying his voice as he sternly tells off their 15-month-old son.

The parrot who is known as Gobby pointed his talon at their toddler, Leon and said "stop it" and "no".

Hayley told "Leon had been crying for 45 minutes and nothing I was doing was calming him down.

"Then Gobby just started to say "stop it" and whistling. Then Leon just stopped. I couldn't believe it. I had been replaced by a parrot.

"My son had decided to listen to a bird and not his own mum."

Not only does Gobby imitate her husband, Karsten, but he reportedly hates him and even dive bombs him when he is let out of his cage.