Deadly clashes continue in Kenya


November 29, 2017
A woman who fell begs for mercy during clashes between rock-throwing supporters of President Uhuru Kenyatta and police at his inauguration ceremony after they tried to storm through gates to get in and were tear-gassed, at Kasarani stadium in Nairobi, Kenya yesterday. (AP)

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP):

President Uhuru Kenyatta vowed at his inauguration yesterday to unite Kenyans after months of election turmoil.

But violence flared anew as police shot dead at least three people, including a child, when opposition supporters tried to hold a memorial for dozens killed in earlier protests.

Police in the capital, Nairobi, tried to break up the opposition's peaceful gathering for those slain since the political unrest began in August.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who was shoved into his vehicle amid clouds of tear gas shortly after he called Kenyatta's presidency illegitimate, put the death toll at three.

One was a seven-year-old boy killed by a stray bullet amid the chaos, according to witness Isaac Mekenye.