Weird News


November 30, 2017

A barber has claimed shaving eyeballs helps to improve a person's vision.

Xiong Gaowu has been cleaning customers' eyeballs with a razor blade for 40 years because he believes it makes a positive impact on their sight, the Mail Online has reported.

And despite the risky method the 62-year-old has insisted his hand has never slipped.

The five-minute shave sees Xiong pull back the eyelid to show the eyeball, before the surface spheroidal structure is scraped at with a disinfected razor blade.

However, Xiong only gives the treatment to those over the age of 30 as he claims younger people don't have as much dirt in their eyes.

A lorry driver has been caught pooping on the side of a road.

The unidentified motorist was captured on camera pulling up next to an industrial estate and relieving his bowels.

The footage sees the mystery male wipe his bottom several times before stuffing the toilet paper into a bag with his faeces.

Once the driver has finished doing his business, he can be seen looking around to make sure he is not being watched before he throws the bag over the premises of a nearby business.

A group of disgusted staff found the excrement the next day, and after checking their CCTV they found the culprit.

And, according to the Mirror Online, the owners of the company were outraged by the incident, although they have claimed it was not the first time someone has defecated on or near their site.

A woman had a giant hairball extracted from her gut after she complained of stomach pain.

Suman Prasad, 25, had recently given birth to her first child just days before complaining about an ache in her stomach, which sparked alarm with her husband Ram Prasad.

Suman's spouse decided to take his partner to a hospital in western India to check her over, and the couple were told Suman may have been suffering from complications following her pregnancy.

However, it wasn't until the medical experts carried out a scan they found the cluster of hair, which weighed three pounds, in her gut, the Sun Online has reported.

The doctors concluded the woman was suffering from trichotillomania, which is also known as Rapunzel Syndrome, where she pulls out her own hair and eats it.

A grandmother on a mobility scooter had a standoff with a huge truck on a narrow road.

An 80-year-old woman, named Ann Orchard, was stunned when she was met with a 10-tonne truck on a narrow country lane in Kent, and even though there was a lay by for the truck to pull into both drivers refused to move.

The elderly lady was adamant she was not going to cave in and allow the larger vehicle to pass by, and for 10 minutes Ann stood her ground and did not budge.

Speaking about the moment to Metro Online, Ann's daughter, Helen Martin, said: "The pavement over the bridge is too narrow and is cobblestoned so she can't use it as it shakes her chair too much. Every time she goes to the bottom end of the village she has to go on the road. Even when I push her in the wheelchair we have to use the road. A lot of drivers are really nice and will stop and let you go. We'd just come back from the doctors and I was walking on the path while she went on the road. We work as a team. It was clear so I told her to go."