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December 01, 2017
@Normal:Amelia Heinle plays Victoria Newman on 'The Young and the Restless'.


BEAUTIFUL: Thorne surprised Brooke when he told her what he had been up to in Paris. Charlie became concerned when he learnt about Pam's interaction with Sheila. Eric was caught off guard when he found out that Sheila never left town, but she assured him that she was truly remorseful for all she had done. Coco questioned Sally's true motive about paying an uninvited visit to Liam's house.

Steffy's guilt about sleeping with Bill was getting to her. Sally bluntly asked Liam if he and Steffy were truly happy or if their marital bliss was just an act. Coco filled Darlita in on what happened between Sally and Liam after the Spectra building collapsed.

Watch For: A one-night stand leads two guilty people down a road of deception. Jealousy between siblings escalates over the affection of a beautiful woman. A powerful businessman feels powerless over the current state of his love life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Will reunited with Kate. Rafe went to bat for Hope with Abe, but it didn't go quite the way he expected. Ben made a surprise return to Salem. Chad kicked AndrE out of the house. Sami went to extremes to trigger Will's memory. Lucas was stunned to see Will and learn that he is truly alive. Rafe and Hope had a verbal altercation when she learnt that he accepted her old job. Kate made a shocking admission to AndrE. Will ripped into Sami over her outrageous plan.

Rafe pushed Hope to tell him the truth about why she really didn't want to get married. Abigail asked Chad to reconsider throwing AndrE out of the mansion. Later, AndrE made a surprising decision about Kate. Rafe and Sami comforted each other.

Watch For: Hope confides in Jennifer about her break-up. Ciara returns to Salem. Eli and Gabi have a huge fight over the JJ and Theo situation.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason's insecurities got the best of him. Sam wasn't exactly forthcoming. Kiki said the wrong thing at the wrong time. Ava had high hopes for the first time in a long while. Alexis' plan backfired. Oscar snuck out. Griffin arrived just in time. Jordan and Curtis teamed up. Valentin was blindsided. Finn informed Anna of his intentions. Nina called out Sam.

Dante agreed to help Patient 6. Jordan made an emotional plea. Sonny confronted Obrecht. Curtis was true to his word. Carly put Jason on the defensive. Franco had a change of heart. Josslyn came up with a plan of her own. Sonny received some help from an old friend. Jason was in disbelief. Alexis ran into Dr Bensch. Ava shared her fears. Griffin's anger ran deep.

Watch For: Franco wrestles with his conscience. Josslyn receives an important package. Sam seeks help from an unlikely source.


RESTLESS: Christine brought Victor in to the police station for questioning about the dating app. Later, Victor hinted to Paul that Nick might be responsible for the fire at The Underground. Lily was hurt when she realised how well Cane was doing without her. Billy and Phyllis reflected on their romance and agreed to always be honest with each other. Jack was upset when Dina didn't remember the sentimental ornaments from his childhood. Ashley lost her temper when she discovered that Gloria was secretly reporting back to Jack about what was going on at Jabot. Cane cut his conversation short with Lily when he received an urgent call from the hospital. Victor invited Chelsea to a tree-lighting ceremony at the ranch and subtly let her know that he had the power to reveal Christian's paternity results.

Watch For: Tessa's loyalty is called into question. Victor's alliance with Kevin is exposed. Jack and Ashley battle for control of Jabot.