December 01, 2017
Ian 'Ity' Ellis



Entertainment and romance...................4th

Domestic and family matters.................5th

Bargain hunting and shopping................7th


Sport and outdoor life......................6th



Sign new contracts, start new ventures......7th

Avoid new commitments.......................4th

Arrange business meetings and interviews ... 6th

Note tips and hunches.......................4th

ARIES (21 Mar 20 Apr.)

Astrologers often underestimate you, as you know, doubting how romantic you can be! In fact, any time from Monday to Wednesday finds you proclaiming your heart's desire. A sweet smile wins the day in every area of life and could even help you dodge a legal challenge, much to a rival's annoyance.

TAURUS (21 Apr. 21 May)

The future has to be bright. With a leap and a bound you'll soon be free, leaving behind the burdens of work and everyday responsibility, and waving goodbye to a battle with authority. Don't take on too much, too soon, though, for you'll have a second chance after another few months.

GEMINI (22 May 21 June)

Mercury, your brilliant and witty planetary ruler, is doing its best, and that is cause for rejoicing. For one thing, you'll have all the best ideas. For another, if you play your cards right, success will be served up while you hardly have to lift a finger.

CANCER (22 June 23 July)

The Moon will soon be in significant regions of your chart, but not just yet, and that means that you'll have to wait a few days for social satisfaction. Your new emotional cycle is increasingly secretive, so you'll be keeping your cards very close to your chest.

LEO (24 July 23 Aug.)

You've certainly been getting your slice of the action, and now you are ready to reap your share of the rewards. From Thursday onwards, life will slow down, and you'll take the chance to reflect and weigh up the odds. Creative and artistic individuals are now experimenting with new activities.

VIRGO (24 Aug. 23 Sept.)

You're going through a mildly bumpy patch, though nothing you can't handle. Family affairs seem to be moving along nicely, even if there have been one or two holdups. These, it must be said, have not been your fault. However, the final outcome in a romantic adventure will be very much to your liking.

LIBRA (24 Sept. 23 Oct.)

Your romantic stars are mixed. Tuesday and Wednesday are excellent days for declaring your love, but you'll have to put up with partners who want it all their own way: if you can't beat them, you may as well join them! But then, you might not be in a mood to compromise!

SCORPIO (24 Oct. 22 Nov.)

You're stuck in a sort of cosmic waiting room. One phase of life is over, another is waiting to begin, and in the meantime partners and lovers have it all their own way. Yet an increase in your earnings is now a definite possibility, and one which will transform your life.

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov. 22 Dec.)

These are busy days and the more time you spend on all those dull but essential routine chores, the better off you'll be when your dreams come true, first, next month and then a couple of months later. In love, you may go for broke, insisting that a partner accepts your desires without question.

CAPRICORN (23 Dec. 20 Jan.)

Your planetary energy is at a peak, but that doesn't mean that everything will go with a swing. It's preferable to arrange your own schedule so that you get the right amount of exercise, rest and healthy food. You're about to take a long, hard look at your spending commitments.

AQUARIUS (21 Jan. 19 Feb.)

You do love other people so much, but now you want a bit of the attention yourself. Plus, some people reckon that your guiding principle in relationships is 'don't do what I do, but do as I say'! However, as you may have found out, that's not always the best recipe for peace and harmony!

PISCES (20 Feb. 20 Mar.)

A large cheque, or some other significant saving, might be on the way. Wednesday looks like your most profitable day, but any good fortune has nothing to do with luck. It's all to do with making the most of opportunities while other people sit around, wasting their time.

3- Edmund Curtis Bartlett, politician y.o.b. 1950

5- Richie Stephens, singer

6- Ian 'Ity' Ellis, comedian