Weird News


December 04, 2017

Weird News

A stylist has advised her clients to put their tights in the freezer overnight.

Denise Caldwell wants women to soak their hosiery in water and put them in a sandwich bag in the freezer overnight and in the morning defrost them on the radiator before putting them on because the extreme temperature helps toughen up the fibres and makes them more run-resistant during the day.

The stylist told "Freezing your tights is a quirky, yet budget-savvy way to help keep your tights longer and stay run-free, lint-free, and vibrant in colour.

"It's definitely a trick to try."

A father was left red faced when he found a vibrator in his daughter's room, although the object was not what it seemed.

Emily received a message from her parent when she was out with her friends demanding that she "needs to speak" to him the moment she returned home.

But when Emily replied questioning why they needed to talk, her dad replied with a picture of the phallic-shaped object lying on her bed, the Mirror Online has reported.

In his message he wrote: "Well I found this.

"Why are you making these purchases. That is disgusting! You shouldn't waste your money!

"If you have these kinds of needs I suggest you don't leave this s**t laying around (sic)".

When his daughter asked what it was he thought he had found, he said it was one of "those disgusting toys that vibrate".

But it turns out that the item was in fact a portable phone charger she used when she was at Disneyland.

A micro artist, Hasan Kale, has created seven pieces of popcorn art to celebrate iconic films coming to Sky Q next month.

The creative mastermind has added his personal touch to each individual piece of the small corn kernel, which he has referred to as an Artasnack.

And each piece is inspired by modern and classic film favourites including Rocky's winning fight against Apollo Creed in the opening sequence of The Godfather.

The images also include scenes from the classic Ghostbuster, Bridge on the River Kwai, Spider-Man 2, and X-Men: Apocalypse, which will all be available to watch on Sky Q from December 1.

All of the minimasterpieces took 24 hours to create, using only the finest of brushes to bring these scenes in the microscopic form.