A COLE WORL': Talk di tings dem


December 05, 2017

People's success story can be awe-inspiring at times and even uplifting when they tell you how they started, from whence they came and the obstacles they had to overcome to be where they are now.

Why is it then when they are toiling or have hit a rough patch they fail to acknowledge it, and it becomes such a burden to open up?

Let someone in, talk about the problem and see if you can get help. If the speculation is true, patty king shouldn't have taken his life, with what he has done throughout the years by giving so many people, especially Jamaicans hope -- he should've let someone try to reciprocate that type of hope.

And this is one thing I hate so much. Many people live their lives in the public space, they know everybody's business, but when it comes time to know their business, all of a sudden it's nobody's business.

That kind of selfish attitude that is perpetually expressed makes people develop trust issues all around. You interview many persons, some from far and wide, people open up to you, some invite you into their homes every Sunday evening, you're beloved by many, then you become ill and you shut people off?

I don't understand. Letters are sent to various media houses stating how we are to respect privacy and pray for a speedy recovery, but what exactly should one pray about?

What of the 'all inclusive' business that we have become accustomed to? The 20/20 questions? The Profile and the Religious Hard talk? Am I to believe that those don't count now?