weird news


December 06, 2017

weird news

A woman caught a homeless couple having sex outside her house.

Faye Preston, from Hull in Northern England, went outside her home to have a cigarette when she spotted the rampant pair under blankets on her drive.

She didn't know whether to move them on or give them a cup of tea to keep them warm, so she decided to leave them alone.

However, she regretted that decision in the morning.

She told "My sympathy soon ended when I was leaving for work early in the morning to find them at it.

"They were having actual sex on my driveway. Surrounded by beer cans, the movement going on under the cover was unmistakable.

"I have great sympathy for people who have nowhere to go, but I didn't want this to become the norm.

"For it to become normal for me to step, apologetically, over two people sleeping rough, in my driveway, every day."

Faye called the police and they came over the following day.

A child has written a jaded letter to Father Christmas.

Sarah McCammon's little six-year-old son took a more cynical approach when asked to write a wishlist to Santa during his class.

His mum posted the letter to Twitter, and wrote: "My 6yo Santa sceptic was told to write a letter to Santa at school. So he did ... (sic)"

The little child refused to give his name, and accused the mythical legend of not paying attention to any of the "naughty or nice" children's lives.

Decorated with skulls around the edge, the letter reads: "Dear Santa,

"Santa I'm only doing this for the class. I know your naughty list is empty.

"And your good list is empty. And your life is empty. You don't know the troubles I've had in my life.

"Good-bye (I'm not tell you my name). (sic)"

His mother also took to Twitter to defend the "troubles" he has had in his short life, and said they were because of his brother. She asked for people not to call social services.

A therapist has revealed her best advice for men with micropenises to improve their sex lives.

Elizabeth McGrath has counselled clients with the issue which affects 0.6 per cent of the male population, and her best tip is to try to look for "new" and exciting ways to orgasm.

The healer also suggested augmenting toys, but overall says it is important to ensure both parties are "comfortable".

She told the Daily Dot: "I really practise this work and I believe in it, primarily because sex is of our bodies.

"When it comes to sex and relationships, I believe there's only so much talking can do.

"So much of what keeps people down, makes them feel awful, are these ideas about what good sex is, and it's a box, a very, very small box.

"For somebody with a micropenis, or their partner, not fitting in that box is very painful.

"There's humping, there's grinding, there's rubbing the penis on the labia or on the site, and then it expands into 'what kind of fun things can we do together?'

"Look at it as an opportunity to find new things rather than focus on one way of doing it specifically.

"I think any augmenting toys can be fun.

"But more important, is it comfortable and does it feel good? Are you doing it because you enjoy it or is it because you feel like it makes you more normal?"