weird news


December 07, 2017

An alcoholic opossum stole a bottle of bourbon and smashed it, before drinking the booze.

The creature was taken to the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge centre by a police officer who said it was found by a store worker next to the broken bottle, the Florida Daily News has reported.

It is believed the marsupial broke into the shop to steal the beverage.

Michelle Pettis, a technician at the refuge, said: "A worker there found the opossum up on a shelf next to a cracked open bottle of liquor with nothing in it. She definitely wasn't fully acting normal.

"We loaded her up with fluids to help flush out any alcohol toxins. She was good a couple of days later."

The store owner, Cash Moore, said he never had an opossum break in before, and said: "She came in from the outside and was up in the rafters, and when she came through she knocked a bottle of liquor off the shelf.

"When she got down on the floor she drank the whole bottle. But it just goes to show that even the animals are impressed with Cash's."

The animal has since been released back into the wild.

Almost a quarter of British people own a pair of lucky pants.

The new survey by Wink Slots revealed that 26 per cent of British people own a good-luck charm that they wear for prosperity, with underwear being the most common wearable charm, with 24 per cent claiming to own a pair.

The research also found that one in 10 have a pair of socks, eight per cent have a pair of lucky shoes, with only five per cent owning a luck-bringing shirt.

A Wink Slots spokesperson commented; "For many, these lucky garments carry lots of history and fond memories, hence why their owners feel that they bring prosperity.

"Possessing a lucky charm can bring its owner luck by boosting confidence and lifting spirits, resulting in better decision-making."

Lush Cosmetics have their own record label and are releasing a triple-vinyl LP.

'The Self Preservation Society' vinyl is priced at PS30 and is curated by the cruelty-free brand's co-founder and Managing Director, Mark Constantine OBE, and performed by a galaxy of bright stars.

The compilation features 34 carefully-chosen songs from the late 1960s and early 1970s, from genres that encompass progressive, folk, and psychedelic rock.

The vinyl also comes with a USB card that contains all the music, as well as further information on the songs, so you can listen and enjoy with or without a record player.

Lush Co-founder and Managing Director, Mark Constantine OBE, commented: "These are tracks from a period of time when my friends and I were experimenting by listening to everything from West Coast bands like The Byrds to classically-inspired groups such as The Nice.

A lower-calorie, high-protein ice cream is set to hit the frozen aisles in the United Kingdom in January.

The new sweet treat by Breyers Delights contains a third fewer calories than other ice creams.

Each tub contains under 300 calories and up to 20 grams of protein.

Breyers is made using a purified extract of the stevia rebaudiana leaf, along with a small amount of sugar.

Set to be a firm favourite in freezers across the UK, this new line of ice cream is available in four flavours: cookies & cream, creamy chocolate, smooth vanilla, and mint chip.

Amy Knowles, UK marketing manager for Breyers Ice Cream, said: "We're constantly looking for ways to shake-up the ice cream category and created Breyers Delights to answer the demand from health-conscious consumers who want to stick to a healthy and balanced diet, but also indulge in a tasty treat.

"Using breakthrough recipes, we've been able to create an ice cream that's deliciously creamy and packed full of flavour, as well as being low on calories and sugar, and high on proteins."