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December 08, 2017
@Normal:Eric Martsolf plays Brady Black on 'Days Of Our Lives'.
@Normal:Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge in 'The Bold and The Beautiful'.


BEAUTIFUL: Brooke stood up to Ridge during his argument with Thorne. Steffy's immense guilt surfaced when Liam queried her about the night she left him and what caused her to forgive him. Ridge interrupted Brooke's lunch with Thorne and made her go back to the office with him. Having overheard the quarrel, Sheila approached Thorne and told him all about Ridge and Quinn's kiss in Australia. Eric told Quinn about Brooke's colourful history with the Forrester men. While Steffy filled Bill in on the lie she told Liam, Quinn was innocently telling Liam about the bracelet Steffy left behind at the Forrester guest house. Thorne admitted to Brooke why he really returned to LA Thorne and Ridge got into a physical altercation. Watch For: Star-crossed lovers find themselves on the threshold of a new beginning. A young couple gives themselves a second chance. A deceitful plan is shared with those who might be able to help it come to fruition.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Rafe was forced to hide when Hope showed up at Sami's hotel room. Will reunited with Belle, who inadvertently revealed an unpleasant incident from his past. Paul confided in John that he feared he was going to lose Sonny. Eve turned the tables on Brady. Sami lashed out at Belle. Hope opened her heart to Rafe, who was wracked with guilt over sleeping with Sami. Sonny made his decision about whether he wanted to be with Paul or Will. Eric comforted Sami. Steve confronted Tripp about Kate. Ciara visited Theo at the hospital. Will flirted with Paul. Sami urged Lucas to sober up and be there for his son. Watch For: Will finds Hope's engagement ring in Sami's hotel room. Eli and Rafe get new information about the night of Theo's shooting. Kayla and Steve confront Kate about blackmailing Tripp.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sam fought for her future. Jason was drawn to the familiarity of the docks. Franco wrestled with his conscience. Liz defended her intentions. Nelle tried to play nice. Sam made her intentions known. Amy was surprised to see Maxie. Lulu hatched a new plan. Olivia crossed Monica. Ned offered a solution. Sam pleaded with Alexis for help. Carly had a run-in with Nelle. Olivia was sidelined. Ned stood his ground. Lulu learnt the truth. Sam sought help from an unlikely source. Sonny got a lead on an enemy's whereabouts. Josslyn received an important package. Franco surprised Liz. Lulu told Michael the truth. Franco got more than he bargained for. Carly's day went from bad to worse. Watch For: Cassandra has a proposition for Finn. Sam runs into Patient 6 at the pier. Alexis delivers a painful truth.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Ashley was furious when she learnt that Abby quit Newman Enterprises after Victoria double-crossed her at the press conference. Nick gave Sharon his blessing when she told him that Scott was moving in with her. Cane was impressed when Hilary made an instant connection with his new baby, Sam. Victor pressured Chelsea to attend his tree-lighting party at Newman Ranch. Victoria invited Ravi for a drink and offered him a position at Newman. Jack and Nikki shared an emotional moment. Nick opposed the city's plan to demolish Chancellor Park and build condos. Scott and Abby almost kissed. Hilary agreed to change the gossipy nature of the "Hilary Hour" at Jack's request. Watch For: Jack struggles to care for Dina. Mariah warns Sharon about Scott. J.T. Hellstrom returns.