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December 11, 2017

A YouTube star has left firefighters fuming after they were called to his aid following a mishap with a microwave.

The 22-year-old viral prankster believed to be one half of duo TGFbro had a group of friends mix several bags of Polyfilla and poured it around his head, which had a plastic bag around it for protection.

They wanted to use the microwave as a mould, but by the time emergency services arrived last Wednesday, the group had spent an hour and a half trying to free their friend, even fitting an air tube into his head to help him breath in case the prank went wrong.

The fire service's official Twitter account wrote: 'We're seriously unimpressed. Five of our firefighters were tied up for an hour this afternoon, freeing a YouTube pranker whose head had been "cemented' inside a microwave oven. (sic)"

Meanwhile, Watch Commander Shaun Dakin, officer in charge of the West Midlands Fire Service crew responders, added: "As funny as this sounds, this young man could quite easily have suffocated or have been seriously injured. (sic)"

Dogs suffering from anxiety could be helped by cannabis, according to a vet from Oregon.

Dr Byron Maas might be taking his cue from Snoop Dogg after suggesting the drug which is now legal in several US states could be the secret to boosting the mental health of anxious canines.

He has said the supply of weed products sold in his clinic are selling well, adding: "The 'Up and Moving' is for joints and for pain ... The 'Calm and Quiet' is for real anxious dogs, to take away that anxiety."

While many people looking to help their pets are turning to oils and powders containing CBDs a non-psychoactive component of marijuana there isn't much data on whether they actually work, or what side effects there are.

Mass added: "Unfortunately, there's not a lot of research out there, especially on animals, on CBD compounds. The research is really necessary to help us understand how to actually use these compounds on our pets."

A brave man who saved a rabbit from a wildfire has been branded reckless rather than heroic by people condemning his actions.

The unnamed bunny saviour was caught on film facing the blaze in California as he went in to bring the furry friend to safety, despite the risks to his own life.

Notwithstanding the heartwarming nature of his selfless actions, he has been slammed as "stupid" by Arizona commentator Torie Bosch, who insisted he put human lives in danger.

According to, she said: "In these dark times, I understand the tendency to turn to cute animals and stories of acts of kindness for pick-me-ups. But trying to save wild animals from a fire is a stupid thing to do.

"We should not reward this behaviour, and we should not encourage others to do the same ... . It is irresponsible to spread this video widely and cast him as a hero.

"If he had caught fire, wouldn't the bystanders or people in cars passing by have had to help him? Doing so would have put them at risk, too. Several people could have ended up injured or worse because he tried to save a (wild!) rabbit."

A kite reaching 1,000 feet in the air caused chaos with flights over a city in British Columbia, Canada.

One keen high-flyer let loose with the classic toy, seemingly unaware of the scenes above, with several planes having to be diverted to avoid the unusual obstacle.

A tweet on law enforcement's official account read: "Today, we attended for the report of a kite being flown over #esquimalt that was causing a hazardous situation for the incoming air traffic to the inner harbour.

"Air traffic was re-routed around the area. The kite was approx 1,000 ft in the air. Our investigation is ongoing #yyj (sic)"

Meanwhile, Constable Matt Rutherford has urged kite enthusiasts to use common sense to avoid any accidents while enjoying their hobby.

He added that kites and drones should be kept low in a city even more so when there's an airport nearby and described the incident as concerning.