Weird News


December 13, 2017

A group of holidaymakers were gobsmacked when they saw a monkey straddling a pig's back.

Paulina Jawor captured the moment the primate was being ferried around by the farm animal in Jaipur, India, on camera, which swiftly attracted a lot more public attention.

And the moment continued to amaze onlookers because after 10 minutes, the monkey leapt off of the black-spotted pig and on to a bin, where it grabbed some food and proceeded to feed its four-legged pal, the Mirror Online has reported.

Speaking about the sighting, the 31-year-old witness said: "We were having a great day out sighting in Jaipur when we walked up to a beauty spot overlooking the town.

"There were loads of monkeys and wild pigs there, it was incredible. The monkeys were just messing around and the pigs were snuffling about.

"Then, all of a sudden, one of the monkeys jumped on a pig and started riding him. The pig didn't seem bothered really, and the monkey was making loads of happy noises.

"They look like best friends."

A man who injected home-made liquid in his biceps has been warned his arms may fall off.

The 21-year-old male, named Kirill Tereshin, pumped a muscle-enhancing substance, which was based on Synthol and made from olive oil, lidocaine and benzyl alcohol, into his arms in a bid to get a fuller frame.

Tereshin has injected six litres of the product into his arms, which saw his muscle enhance by an additional 23 inches, because he wanted to be famous on social media and never have to work again, the Mirror Online has reported.

He said: "For about a month I was making up to 10 injections into each arm every day, using a 20ml syringe.

"If I had used real Synthol, it would have cost me about 400,000 roubles, but as I made it myself, I spent only about 4,000 roubles.

"I did not feel any discomfort in my arms when I was doing it ... my body got used to it."

However, the male has been told by medical experts he may have to have his limbs amputated in the future as abscesses could develop, and the substance will remain in his system for "five to seven years" even if he stops taking the liquid.

A study has found office teabags contain more germs than a toilet seat.

According to new research, which has been conducted by Initial Washroom Hygiene, boxes or tins containing the item have bacterial readings of 3,785, which is 17 times more than the amount of harmful organisms living on the sanitation facility, that have a reading of just over 200.

And the results have sparked fear among office workers who are worried they are exposing themselves to more harmful viruses, the Metro newspaper has reported.

A man has come up with a genius idea to win a drinking-ban bet made by his girlfriend.

Jamie Stokes, 27, was offered PS100 from his girlfriend, Chloe Woodland, on the grounds that he was only allowed to enjoy one glass of booze a night until Christmas Day.

The male willingly accepted the challenge, but immediately questioned his ability to limit how much he consumed.

But quick-thinking Jamie soon found a loophole in the challenge, as he realised his lover never specified the size of the glass.

He posted a video on Facebook where he showed an enormous container that can fill up to seven pints.

He said: "My missus burst out laughing when she seen it. Well, she only said one glass she didn't say what glass.

"I struggled to finish it, to be honest there was still some left in the bottom.

"It was a little bit too much but she did say one glass, so I'm still on my way to getting that PS100."