Weird News


December 14, 2017

An emu has been spotted racing down a snow-covered road in Essex in the United Kingdom.

A group of onlookers was flabbergasted when they saw the large, feathered bird, named Farage, being chased down the streets and through a churchyard in Tollesbury in Essex by three men, on behalf of Farage's owner.

According to the Metro Online, passersby were baffled by what they saw because of the speed at which the emu was running in such hazardous conditions, and because the bird is endemic to Australia, and not the United Kingdom.

Speaking about the incident, Matthew Devonport said: "One of the men managed to get it in a head lock by its neck and take it back home.

"It left a trail of feathers all around the churchyard.

"The owner was grateful and shook their hands. I was flabbergasted! Nothing like this ever happens in Tollesbury."

A sex toy company has designed a dildo with a 3D-printed head.

Wobbling Willy has launched the new sexy toy ahead of Christmas, and customers are able to put their own face,or anyone else's, on it.

The devices are made from 100 per cent silicone and are sculpted in a variety of colours, but cost around PS65 a piece.

Each head is a polymer clay model, and even comes with a faux suede pouch.

A picture just needs to be sent to the company, and Wobbling Willy will do the rest.