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December 27, 2017

A mother has been slammed for getting a pizza delivery man fired after he made a rude joke.

The unnamed woman let her son order an Italian treat from Pizza Hut, and he asked for a joke to come with his meal in the special instructions section of the order.

The company replied with an inappropriate quip that read: "What do a pizza delivery driver and a gynaecologist have in common?"

And the answer to the quip was penned in a note attached to the pizza, much to the parent's disgust.

And the mother was utterly embarrassed by the joke and answer. She contacted the restaurant chain and demanded the driver be fired, Fox News has reported.

She said: "I was really floored that Pizza Hut would send that type of joke out.

"The employee even called and I told her that I hope she doesn't lose her job over this."

The member of staff was sacked, but the mother was met with a lot of backlash by social media users after she shared the incident on various online platforms.