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January 06, 2018

Drunk pigeon found of windscreen

A pigeon believed to be drunk was found face-down on a car windscreen on New Year's Day in Russia.

A man was left stunned when he saw the bird slumped between the bonnet and the windscreen with its head resting against the glass on January 1 - just hours after people around the world had knocked back countless bottles of booze to celebrate the beginning of 2018 - with what appeared to be a hangover.

The gentleman filmed himself as he walked up to the pigeon on what is thought to be his car - to see whether it was dead before he stroked its feathered in a bid to bring him to consciousness.

As he prodded the bird, he said: "Brother, c'mon brother. Wake up, bro! Hey, brother."

The pigeon then appears to wake up from his daytime nap before flying off into the distance.

Kremlyovskiye kleptokrati commented on the video, writing: "Like the French say: Pigeons are flying rats. I bet he pecked the vomit of people who celebrated new years, this is how alcohol hit its tiny brain."

While Igor Orlov said: "Poor bird, it is simply ill."

Ermolov added: "People, stop judging others by your own standards."

It's not known whether the bird was injured, sick or was simply resting.

Priest pays brides to be early

A vicar is giving away PS100 to brides who turn up to his service on time.

Canon John Corbyn is fed up of having to wait around for the soon-to-be married ladies, who are clearly adopting the "bride is always fashionable late" motto, to arrive at the church and is now offering a wad of cash to those who make it within 10 minutes of their slot in a bid to encourage the girls to get a wiggle on.

Speaking to the Kent Messenger, Canon John who carries out his services at the Holy Cross Church in Bearsted, Kent, and St Mary's Church in Thurnham - said: "I wanted to show that I was taking my staff seriously because they weren't doing it for the money. I thought this is the way to do it. When you're talking about a bride being 20 minutes late that's half the time of the wedding ceremony. 'You can talk of up to two dozen people waiting for that time. How would they react if I were 20 minutes late?"

Canon John was inspired after seeing something similar in Kampala, Uganda.

He added: "They do weddings on the hour every hour and even do several weddings at the same time. Hopefully, it has had the desired affect, but it was really more about showing that I was taking my staff seriously and as an expression of my concern."

Men flock clinic for penis whitening

Men are flocking to a clinic to get their penises whitened in a new trend.

The new service, offered at Thailand's Lelux Hospital, promises to leave the intimate area looking brighter, and the new beauty trend apparently first came around when a patient complained about having "dark parts" on his groin, the Daily Star reported.

His story was aired on TV after the man was delighted with the results, and from then on, the trend has gone viral.

Bunthita Wattanasiri, a manager for the Skin and Laser Department at Lelax Hospital, said: "These days a lot of people are asking about it. We get around 100 clients a month, three to four clients a day."

Despite the number of men visiting increasing, there has been health warnings about lasering the sensitive area.

Bunthita said: "We have to be careful because it's a sensitive part of the body."

Cat goes horseback riding

A cat has been filmed riding on the back of its horse friend.

The funny video was filmed by professional horse trainer Emma Massingale, who admitted to often finding the close friends nuzzling up together after spending the day riding near their home in Devon, the Metro newspaper reported.

Emma who owns five-year-old pony Comet and Louis the cat shot the video in the woodland 10 miles from her home. It shows the two friends playing by the stables before Louis jumps on his pal's back and they head for a walk.

Emma said: "It all started when I was riding Comet, and I would just tap my leg and Louis would jump on.

"Now all I have to do is tap Comet's back and Louis is straight there. He doesn't need anymore encouragement than that.

"Louis rides whenever he likes really, sometimes just in the arena sometimes he comes out for a longer wander. He is a bit of a fare weather rider though, as doesn't like riding in the rain.

"I often find them nuzzling up together. I think horses like cats because they're so playful, but Comet really likes Louis."