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January 12, 2018
Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett
Tommy Lee Sparta

Entertainment shorts

The Curvy Diva is reaping musical rewards from her single Lifestyle.

The music video for the popular track continues to gain momentum, as it recently racked up over a million views online since its release almost three months ago.

"I'm extremely elated that it has reached a million views in such a short time. It's my first ever single, and it's really a good look with all the recognition it has been getting," She said.

"At the end of the day, I just have to give thanks to my team, which has put in the work as it relates to the quality of the video. I also have to thank the fans, because they are the reason it has this many views. I really hope that I will continue to get their support throughout this year and beyond, as I have a lot in store musically," she said.

Tommy Lee's debut EP, which is titled New Creator, has been released.

The EP comprises nine tracks: Pon Di Roadside, Slow Down, Happy Life, Love You, Bad GyalDuppy, Destruction of Man, Ghost Buster, We are Heroes, and the title track New Creator.

"The EP was created basically to give listeners a taste of how versatile the artiste is and how talented our record label is,"

said Jamaican-based producer Ricardo Rowe of Ricardo Gowe Records, who worked on the album.

"We expect the EP will help us to get more attention in the music industry worldwide. We want our fans to recognise, as well, that the artiste can do dancehall/reggae with a different vibe from different views. We also expect to show individuals that our production skills aren't just limited to one genre of music," Rowe added.

Nkosi has released another promotional effort, Dem Nuh Real. The reggae crooner has been building a portfolio over the years with largely conscious and positive songs. Dem Nuh Real speaks about the two-sided nature of people. The singer urges everyone to be careful of whom they trust.

"The song is very relatable; people will hurt you no matter how genuine they seem sometimes. To be honest, this track is very personal to me, because I have been in the situation where a so-called friend betrayed me," Nkosi said.