January 12, 2018
It is not uncommon for Capleton's shoes to match his outfit, and that was the case when he attended Shaggy and Friends recently.
Waterhouse resident selector Ricky Famous points in the direction of King Jammy's studio on St Lucia Road.
This young lady had to be consoled by her mother after she saw lifeless body of her 14-year-old brother on Eve Lane Kingston. He he among the 1,617 persons murdered last year.


Capleton's fashion sense is almost unmatched in entertainment circles. The fireman heads to the Richmond Estate in Priory, St Ann, for Rebel Salute this weekend, promising to do what he does best - 'Slew Dem' with lyrics and burn them with his hot fashion. PAGE 22.

It is often said that Jamaica is a blessed nation, but columnist Leighton Levy challenges that notion. He argues that for a country that murdered more than 1,600 peoples last year, Jamaica is cursed. PAGE 10

Ladies, what would you do if your husband says he wants a whore in his bed? Pastor Aaron Dumas has something to say about 'talking nasty' in the bedroom. PAGE 8

Studio Road in Waterhouse, St Andrew, is worthy of being declared a 'Walk of Fame' area. However, violence has been doing much to destroy the potential of this area that has given so much to Jamaica's entertainment landscape. PAGE 18