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January 15, 2018

Teens eat detergent in new challenge

Teenagers have been eating washing machine tablets as part of a new challenge.

Doctors have warned the adolescents that ending up in hospital is "no joke", and people could end up dying if they continue to take part in the online craze 'Tide Pod Challenge', which sees participants pop the colourful capsules into their mouths and eat the liquid on camera, that has taken over the Internet of the past year or so.

Dr Alfred Aleguas Jr, managing director of the Florida Poison Information Center in Tampa, told USA Today that the fad may even be "life-threatening".

He said even swallowing a small amount of the concentrated detergent can cause diarrhoea and vomiting, while a large amount could lead to breathing difficulties.

He added: "Ending up in the emergency room is no joke."

The trend has become so popular that Tide have been forced to offer some medical assistance in case someone does decide to ingest the colourful cleaning product.

Their website states: "Our laundry pacs are a highly concentrated detergent meant to clean clothes ... They should not be played with, whatever the circumstance is, even if meant as a joke."

Pregnant women told to pee on magazine ad

IKEA is giving a discount to pregnant women who pee on their magazine advert.

The Swedish brand are encouraging ladies carrying babies to urinate on a promotion in Amelia magazine one of the country's most widely-read women's magazines because a positive result will give them PS35 off a Sundvik cot.

The advert says: "Peeing on this ad may change your life."

It added: "Pee on the marked area and wait a moment. If you are expecting, you will get a surprise right here."

Patrik Nygren-Bonnier, IKEA marketing manager, is quoted by Sky News as saying: "Of course everyday life can be dull at times, but it also contains those magical, life-changing moments. We want to be right there when they happen, and through the 'where life happens' campaign we take that idea all the way. What could be more true to this than the moment of creating life?"

A positive result will show up if the advert test detects Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) - a hormone found in pregnant women - in the urine.

Cow stalls flights

A runaway cow wreaked havoc at an Indian airport on Friday.

The brave animal caused numerous flights to be diverted from Ahmedabad airport after it managed to sneak past security at a cargo gate and make its way on to the runway - sparking a 90-minute chase between the cow and ground staff - before it was finally moved away from the aircrafts and returned to safety.

A source told NewsAsia: "The cow had entered from near the cargo gate of the airport. The security personnel with sticks and air guns chased the animal away."

The AAI - the Airport Authority of India - have ordered an inquiry into the incident.

In a statement, they said: "The AAI chairman has asked the Ahmedabad airport director to ascertain possibility of any human negligence in the incident. Directives have been given to take stringent steps to avoid any such occurrences in future."

KFC Canada accepts bitcoin

KFC Canada is accepting bitcoin.

The world-famous fast food chain has announced that for a limited time only, it will be happy to accept the cryptocurrency in exchange for its items.

But rather than accepting the currency like regular cash, the company has announced that it will only accept Bitcoin via BitPay through its online checkout page.

It has been confirmed, too, that the so-called Bitcoin Bucket will be delivered directly to the address of customers.

And interestingly, KFC's Canadian account has suggested that it could well accept other cryptocurrencies going forward.

The tweet reads: "We only sell in #Bitcoin right now. Other crypto coins in consideration. Buy now exclusively at: ... (sic)"